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On these pages, we’ll be exploring the complex and rapidly evolving business and regulatory conditions surrounding the use or independent contractors, consultants, and 1099s. Companies of all sizes that engage independent contractors are subject to myriad risks and responsibilities for using 1099s.



June 2010

Continuing Education Freelance Camp for Independent Contractors, Freelancers Nearly Sold Out

by MBO Partners

Wow, the first ever FreelanceCamp for independent contractors  in San Francisco, Freelance Camp PRO SF, is nearly sold out! Last we heard from the organizers, only four tickets remain at their ticketing website on eventbrite.

We are really excited to attend this event. By community request, the first Freelance Camp SF will be a Freelance Camp PRO, targeting experienced independent consultants, freelancers, and independent contractors who have been running a full time business for one year or longer. The event, organized as an "unconference" a la BarCamp, will be a full day of sessions created on the spot, according to what sorts of freelance tips the attendees wish to explore.

Here are some of the topics we imagine might surface (just to prime the pump). Of course, freelancer attendees will chose the topics on the day of the conference:

• Transitioning from Freelance to Agency

• Balancing Products with Consulting Services