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About the Independent Consulting Blog

On these pages, we’ll be exploring the complex and rapidly evolving business and regulatory conditions surrounding the use or independent contractors, consultants, and 1099s. Companies of all sizes that engage independent contractors are subject to myriad risks and responsibilities for using 1099s.



July 2010

Independent Consultants Commonly Spotted Moonlighting

by MBO Marketing Team

Moonlighting is a old term for taking on additional work projects after hours, and for many freelancers and consultants, is one way to get started in self-employment.

After all, if you can start your own consulting business while you still have some steady income flowing in during the day, that can make for a safer financial transition to independence.

But a group of freelancers and consultants in New York City, by the name of the New York Nightowls, is taking the concept of moonlighting literally. They've started a co-working meetup group that meets late, according to this story in the Boston Globe.

Independent Consultants Day to All Self-Employed Professionals!

by MBO Marketing Team


This Fourth of July, on behalf of everyone on our team at MBO Partners, I'd like to wish you a Happy Independent's Day! We invite you to celebrate not just the liberation of our country, but the liberation of talent.

More specifically, your own talent and independence. Whether you've already been self-employed for some time now, or you are just beginning to start a consulting firm, you are the embodiment of the new workforce. We are entering a new era of self-determinism and self-responsibility, where every individual is in command of their own career. The "rugged individualism" that made America what it is today has come home to roost in the way we work.