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About the Independent Consulting Blog

On these pages, we’ll be exploring the complex and rapidly evolving business and regulatory conditions surrounding the use or independent contractors, consultants, and 1099s. Companies of all sizes that engage independent contractors are subject to myriad risks and responsibilities for using 1099s.



July 2011

Finding your second consulting contract: What should you do when your contract is about to end

by MBO Partners

You’ve taken the leap. You’ve launched your consulting career and are working your first contract. Excellent! You can practically feel the freedom surging through you like a spring wind through your hair. The checks are coming in and they’re exhilarating… you definitely weren’t making this much as a W-2! You’re on your way to big things, and the millions of independent consultants, contractors, and freelancers who have preceded you – including myself – applaud your entrepreneurialism and go-it-alone spirit.

But when that first contract starts winding down, reality sets in. That river of money you’re making is about to dry up. Sure you knew it was coming. You knew this contract wouldn’t last forever. But what seemed to be way off in some hazy future is now just weeks – or even days – away. You’ve suddenly come face to face with the horrifying possibility that your income is simply going to disappear. You start to worry. You start to scramble. You start to sweat.

MBO Partners Salutes Virginia – Our Company’s Home State Tops the U.S. for Business and Wins Highest Score Ever in Survey History

by MBO Marketing Team

You don’t need to tell us that Virginia is business-friendly, or that it’s officially now the top place to do business in the United States for 2011. We already knew that – that’s why we are proud to call Virginia our home.  (Our offices are located in the town of Herndon, a quick hop and skip from Dulles International Airport and — we admit it — many a nice watering hole in nearby Reston where our employees and consultants like to unwind after another fun day being passionate about independence.) 

Virginia doesn’t just top in business-friendliness (where’s it number 2), but also across many of the measures reported in this national study that was released on CNBC this month.

Many of our independent consultants are familiar with Northrup Grumman – the top employer in the top state. And some have most likely visited the world’s largest office building, also located in the state.  (Can you guess what it is?)