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About the Independent Consulting Blog

On these pages, we’ll be exploring the complex and rapidly evolving business and regulatory conditions surrounding the use or independent contractors, consultants, and 1099s. Companies of all sizes that engage independent contractors are subject to myriad risks and responsibilities for using 1099s.



June 2012

Webinar Wrap-Up: Five Keys to Succeeding on LinkedIn as a Business of One

by MBO Marketing Team

Last week we held a webinar on “LinkedIn for Independent Consultants.” The popularity of this webinar led us to believe that understanding how to leverage LinkedIn is top of mind for our audience. Therefore, we’ve written one more blog post on the topic to include some of the information from the webinar and to provide the link to the webinar recording for those who missed it. 

6/28/12 LinkedIn Webinar Q&A

by MBO Partners

As a follow-up to our webinar held on Thursday, June 28th entitled "LinkedIn for Independent Consultants: 5 Steps to Enhance Your Profile & Bring in more Clients," we wanted to share the answers Melissa provided to all of the questions we recieved during the broadcast.

Please see below and email webinar@mbopartners.com if you have any questions.

  1. How often do you recommend updating your headline?  Does it stay static? I like to update mine at least once a week.


  2. How do you feel about hiding your connections from other people connected to you? I prefer to share my connections as I hope that it would benefit those that are connected to me.


3 Top Ways to Gain Value from LinkedIn for Independent Consultants

by MBO Marketing Team

When many people hear the term “social media,” they think of an online network for people to stay in touch with family members, share vacation photos, or discuss pop culture with friends. LinkedIn is different; LinkedIn is designed for professionals, giving you a way to make connections that can enhance your business and career. It is an online networking tool.

Here are three top ways to gain value from the site:

1.    Highlight Your Expertise 

Coming Around Again: MBO Alum Negotiates a Big – and Less Risky – Contract Win

by MBO Partners

Steve Arhancet,Director of Consultant Services for MBO Partners, shares the story of a big contract win for an MBO Alumni Associate. It all started with a difficult game of chicken between the Associate and an over-reaching procurement office.

“We were able to provide some really useful guidance both to help win the contract – and also to significantly decrease the risks.”

I recently had the chance to work closely with an MBO alumni associate, who reached out to re-engage us to help him with a new contract he was negotiating with a municipality. The vendor requirements were very strict, and he knew he would not be able to afford to set up the process, and procure the high insurance required to do business with the group without using MBO -- where insurance is a part and parcel of our low fixed-fee service offering.

How to Overcome Client Doubts about Hiring an Independent Consultant

by MBO Marketing Team

Oftentimes a client is nervous when considering hiring their first independent consultant, this nervousness stems from fears about the quality of the final product, productive use of time and resources, and the trust necessary for an independent consultant to be successful. They may wonder how they can trust someone they’ve never worked with before with an important project. Be prepared to provide them with a successful business case about the many benefits hiring an independent consultant can have to reassure them.

Here are five doubts clients may have, and ways to help them overcome their reservations.

Doubt 1: Cost Creep

Four Scenarios When Should You Turn Down a Project

by MBO Marketing Team

As an independent consultant, particularly if you’re new to the field, it’s tempting to accept every prospective project that comes your way. After all, clients and the projects they provide are your source of income. However, just because an opportunity is presented doesn’t mean the project is right for your business. Here are four situations in which you might be better off turning down a job.

 1.   You’re Overbooked

How to Get Your Company Set Up on LinkedIn

by MBO Marketing Team

While LinkedIn is well known as the largest social media network for professionals, it’s not just for creating personal pages. Currently, more than 2 million companies have a Company Page on LinkedIn. A Company Page on LinkedIn can be a great way for an independent consultant to promote their services and network with clients and industry peers. 

Add Your Company

Coworking: The Independent Consultant’s Social Workplace

by MBO Marketing Team

Working for yourself as an independent consultant offers many benefits, from choosing your own clients and work hours to deciding your company’s direction and goals. Leaving the traditional office environment, however, is not without its challenges. Among the many choices an independent consultant is faced with is a rather basic, but extremely important one: where you will work. Many choose to work out of their homes for the benefits of a comfortable environment with very little additional overhead, but this option often has drawbacks of its own. Where will you meet with clients? How will you handle the isolation – or distractions – of a home office?

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Independent Consulting Business

by MBO Marketing Team

Companies of all sizes are utilizing social media marketing. From Facebook and Google+ accounts to Twitter handles and LinkedIn pages, businesses have learned that social media can produce big results. The good news about this medium is that it doesn’t necessarily require the marketing budget of a large corporation to promote your business. Here are five ways that an independent consultant can promote their practice effectively with social media:

1.    Establish Yourself as an Expert

Tips to Address 3 Touchy Subjects with Clients

by MBO Marketing Team

The key to a successful relationship between independent consultants and a client is communication. Both parties need to be able to freely discuss thoughts, ideas, needs and changes as they relate to the project at hand. However, some topics can be difficult or uncomfortable to bring up. Here are some suggestions of how to address a few touchy subjects with clients.


Topic 1: Money