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Gen Y Independents: Socially Oriented and Serving Non-Profits

Gen Y Independents: Socially Oriented and Serving Non-Profits

by MBO Partners

Guest Blog Post by: Steve King & Carolyn Ockels of Emergent Research

One of the more interesting data points from the MBO Partners State of Independence study is 22% of Gen Y (born 1980 to 2000 and also referred to as Millennials) independent workers  reported that non-profit organizations were their primary market.

This is substantially higher than any other age group.  On average a bit less than 5% of older respondents reported that non-profits were their primary market.

A number of studies have shown that Gen Yers are more socially oriented than older demographic cohorts.  For example, a recent Pew Research study found that 22% of Gen Yers (18-34) said having a job/career that benefits society is "one of the most important things in their life" versus only 14% of those older than 35. 

Other studies show Gen Yers are looking for “meaningful work” and improving the world. And although "meaningful" does not fully equate with non-profit, it indicates the social service orientation of many in this generation.  Boston Consulting Group’s study on millennial consumers, for example, describes Gen Y’s interest in making the world a better place. 

We'll be exploring Gen Y independents in more detail in the 2nd Annual MBO Partners State of Independence study, which will be conducted starting this summer. 


Steve King      Carolyn Ockels

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