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Investing in Athletes: The New World of the Jock Exchange

Investing in Athletes: The New World of the Jock Exchange

by Jay Miutz

With World Cup fever having died down, the NFL pre-season coming around the corner and the MLB in full swing, much of our attention turns to the huge numbers that athletes will be making this season. With some of the biggest contract signings in sports history taking place this year, some athletes are considering a new option – becoming IPOs. It has been several months since Vernon Davis, tight end for the San Francisco 49ers, became the first professional athlete to make his personal brand open for public investment and many are following in his footsteps but others are starting to ask questions.

In the financial sector some argue that investments into a person based on their athletic performance and on and off the field

But how exactly does a personal brand/athlete stock work? Earnings are extremely risky, poorly designed and downright ridiculous. However, the analysts at Fantex Brokerage Services, whom manage the sale and trade of these stocks, think this is a major milestone in the future of wealth management and investment.

Michael Liedtke of the Associated Press explains:

“The deal requires Fantex to pay Davis $4 million in exchange for 10 percent of his future earnings, including some of his off-field income. To cover Davis' fee, Fantex seeks to sell 421,100 shares of stock at $10 apiece. The company hopes to complete the initial public offering in the next few weeks. Davis, 30, will need to make more than $40 million just to deliver a small return on Fantex's investment in him. Fantex is counting on him to earn most of that money after his current contract with the 49ers expires in 2015. By then, Davis will be at an age when it might be difficult for him to land another big payday, although there are precedents for it. That means the deal could prove to be more profitable for Davis than the investors who buy the Fantex stock tracking his performance.”

So what is the outcome of all of this? Well, it’s too early to tell, but most major financial figures are saying to stay as far away from the Jock Market as possible. However, Fantex continues to expand and recruit new IPOs for their platform. Are you willing to gamble on an athlete’s performance to make you a fortune?

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