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Meet the Webinar Speaker: Tom Martin, Author, Digital Strategist & Keynote Speaker, Converse Digital

Meet the Webinar Speaker: Tom Martin, Author, Digital Strategist & Keynote Speaker, Converse Digital

by MBO Partners

Does any independent professional really enjoy cold calling? Sending emails to people they don’t know? Getting up early to hand out business cards to strangers at a networking event?

Of course not!

Prospecting is a necessary part of being an independent professional, but the traditional methods of finding clients are not only harrowing – they’re also simply not as effective as other, more modern ways of marketing.

In our upcoming webinar, Painless Prospecting for Independent Consultants, 20-year marketing veteran Tom Martin will share his expertise and his personal experience in growing his own business by 25% each year without any cold calls or paid advertising.

Meet the Speaker

An expert in the realm of driving conversions through inbound online marketing, Tom Martin was drawn to a career in advertising from a young age. After earning a B.S. in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin, Tom took on the role of brand developer at Temerlin McClain Advertising in Dallas, Texas, creating marketing and branding programs for American Airlines service offerings.

In 1994, he left Dallas for New Orleans, where he spent the next sixteen years in business development for various agencies. During his time as Vice President of Business Development for Peter A. Mayer Advertising, he devised a new business development program for the company, which was wildly successful, generating over 35% growth in new clients in just four years. 

The approach he had developed there led him to found his own brand strategy firm, Brandmarken, which was successful until Hurricane Katrina brought everything in New Orleans to a screeching halt.

As President of another New Orleans advertising firm not long after, Tom developed the ideas behind Painless Prospecting, which later became the topic of his book, The Invisible Sale. His belief that getting “known for knowledge” is more effective and more efficient than cold calling led him to found Converse Digital, a digital strategy firm, in 2010. Every single client the firm has is the result of inbound leads generated by social media and content marketing.      

Tom’s Painless Prospecting program emphasizes the importance of “Propinquity” as the key to long-term prospecting success. It focuses on creating large amounts of valuable content, placing it strategically in the right places to attract prospects, and then ensuring that your website is optimized to capture and drive prospects through the lead generation funnel. 

Tom is well-known member of the New Orleans marketing community, having served as the president of the American Marketing Association chapter there. He was named Agency Executive of the Year by the Advertising Federation in 2008, and Communicator of the Year by the IABC in 2010.   

To learn more about how independent professionals can find clients without cold calling, join us on Thursday, February 27, 2014, at 1 pm Eastern Time, for our free webinar featuring marketing expert Tom Martin: “Painless Prospecting for Independent Consultants.” As a special bonus, everyone who registers for the webinar will be entered into a drawing to win one of 30 complimentary copies of Tom’s book, The Invisible Sale. Click here to learn more or register now. 

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