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One Woman's Story: Independence as a Lifestyle Choice

One Woman's Story: Independence as a Lifestyle Choice

by MBO Partners

This month, we feature Consultant Services Advisor Nicolette Taylor, who shares the story of one recent conversation that illustrates a new rung on the corporate ladder: independence as a lifestyle choice for senior executives.

“I really enjoy talking with experienced independent professionals and also enjoy talking with recent “converts” because I always learn something from each story. It’s motivating that I can help people make this kind of change – they can use MBO to set up a new, rewarding work path and lifestyle.”

“I recently helped a senior proposal manager who had spent most of her career in corporate America, but was frankly just sick of the grind and politics. She had spent time as an independent earlier in her career, but most recently reached out to MBO when she received a contract opportunity after losing her full time role working for a large employer.

She was one of those highly experienced professionals that had given the company a lot, but her high salary was an easy target for a staff cut. Rather than being unhappy, this woman quickly realized she didn’t want another full-time role, and also knew she didn’t want to take on full responsibility for managing a new solo career.

She’s someone who also has the confidence and contacts to set up work with a large government contracting firm in the region, on her own terms – a true trait of an independent. I was introduced to her through a current client of MBO Partners. She was told it was easier and more compliant for her to work with them through MBO. She was so pleased we offer the process, credentials and access that now let her work with this client on not just one, but potentially multiple high-billing projects.

With MBO as her business management solution, she is able to enjoy more time off: Her goal is to work only 9 months of the year, but earn what she used to as a full time employee. As a mother with grown children she enjoys the extended time off to visit her children and grandchildren. I was happy our new MBO associate was taking the time to pursue her own creative interest –her passion for writing, as well as spending time with family while still maintaining the relationships she has built throughout her career. She’s building the life she wants and enjoying her professional journey.”

Nicolette, a part of MBO’s consulting services team, spends each day talking with those that are seeking a solution for managing an independent consulting business and lifestyle. Contact her at or 703-793-6281 if you have a question about how to manage your independent career. If you’re new, or just considering this life path, you also may also want to take the quiz to see if you’re ready for independent work.

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