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A Productivity Report

A Productivity Report

by Jay Miutz

As far as business is concerned, whether you work in an office, a cubicle, independently or even from home, one giant cement wall always seems to be in your way – productivity.

We’ve all been there. A giant mound of to-do’s staring back at you with the soft backlighting of a computer screen slowly fogging your vision. You know what needs to be done, and you may even know exactly how long it is going to take you to do it, but you just can’t bring yourself to get started. Well, if it is a particularly large assignment or task, new research suggests getting it done on a Tuesday. That’s right; a new survey by Accountemps suggests that the most productive day of the week for hardworking Americans is Tuesday. They came to this conclusion using their enormous staffing data bank, as well as 300 interviews with human resource managers. Over 39% of those interviewees agreed that Tuesday was their most productive day, with all of the other days falling under 24% in the vote.

Many researchers speculate these results are because most people spend Monday catching up on emails, to-do’s and phone calls, as well as planning the week ahead - which begins the following day.

The true test is taking the momentum you have begun to build up on Tuesday and driving it as close to Friday at 5 as you can.

So the next time you have a huge deadline, project or report due, be sure to focus in, buckle down - and then postpone it until Tuesday!

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