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The ROI In You: Joining the Independent Workforce After Retirement

The ROI In You: Joining the Independent Workforce After Retirement

by MBO Marketing Team

Continuing to work post-retirement is often an attractive option for many reasons – but doesn’t it defeat the purpose of retirement to have to return to a grueling work schedule? With so many years of experience in the workforce, there should be a way for you to contribute your expertise to companies while still making the most of your retirement.

Luckily, there can be a better way! Many retirees are turning to independent consulting – in fact, baby boomers and mature workers comprise 30 percent of the independent workforce according to our recent Independent Workforce study.

If you’re not quite ready to retire

For a person who’s worked 40 hours a week every week for the last 30 to 40 years, the suddenness of retirement can be brutal. Many retiring workers find that they actually have too much free time on their hands – yes, you read that right.

If you overestimated how much you’d really enjoy fishing for eight hours each day, every day, continuing to work a little in your industry could be an ideal way to stay occupied while earning some money. As a consultant (assuming you have worked to hold on to the valued contacts and network you have built up during the course of your career), you can work as much or as little as you like – so you still have time to pursue those leisure interests.

For example, take one of our independents. Ward turned to government contracting almost immediately after his retirement from the CIA. He walks 3-4 miles a day, plays golf twice a week, and takes frequent day trips with his wife – all while also working as an independent professional.

If you need supplemental income

The baby boomers started to turn 65 in 2011. Do you know what that means? That means that every single day for almost the next 20 years, more than 10,000 Americans will reach retirement age. If you’re one of these new retirees, you may find yourself in need of supplemental retirement income, either due to under-preparation for retirement or some sort of unforeseen financial circumstance.

For a retiree in need of an additional income source, independent consulting can be the perfect option. With the growing project economy, many companies are looking for highly skilled candidates to help execute important – but relatively short-term – projects. Your wealth of experience, combined with a higher level of personal maturity and accountability, makes you an attractive and desirable candidate.

Transitioning to consulting

If you’re ready to become an independent consultant, there are a few steps you can take to ensure you are successful as a member of the independent workforce. For example, you’ll want to set up a LinkedIn profile to help network and market your skills. We held a webinar on how baby boomers can cash in on their earned expertise. Watch it now!

Most importantly, don’t forget to contact the experts at MBO Partners with any questions or concerns along the way. 

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The ROI In You: Joining the Independent Workforce After Retirement

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