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Surprising Stats, Even For Me -- Women Independent Workers are A Silent Majority

Surprising Stats, Even For Me -- Women Independent Workers are A Silent Majority

by ahaq

I’ve worked full time, stayed at home with a child, launched a start-up, and run a solo consulting business, and even I was surprised to learn that there are more women independent workers in this country (8.5 million) than stay-at-home moms (5.4 million). All our society does is focus on black-and-white choices like full-time work vs. no work at all – and we’re all the weaker for it. It’s time we focus on alternate paths, and invested time and energy in making them even better options for women and families.

How many women struggle with finding the right balance between career and personal life, and don’t even believe or realize there’s a third choice available to them? Too many, I feel. I think it’s simply because there is so much NOISE about the other paths. It crowds our ability to collective think differently. But think differently we should, because the story exists in the numbers.

We recently completed a new infographic to share our original data with the community of professional women – and with the media. It’s a part of something I feel really passionate about: educating the market on the new “State of Independence” in America. I believe it’s high time to shine a light on the positive stories of transformation for people who choose this path, as well as honestly discussing the challenges to overcome. I hope you take the time to click the thumbnail to view it in a larger size and to watch the recorded version of our webinar from Friday, April 27th.

I’m a big fan of the “Third Path” – and if you’re free this Friday afternoon, listen in as you are going about your day to learn more from a Webinar I led. You’ll be able to hear the top questions to ask yourself, how to find ways to be successful, and hear about real-life women not just on the path – but happily succeeding and thriving in their new work-life choice.

Still can’t get over that stat …

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