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About the Independent Consulting Blog

On these pages, we’ll be exploring the complex and rapidly evolving business and regulatory conditions surrounding the use or independent contractors, consultants, and 1099s. Companies of all sizes that engage independent contractors are subject to myriad risks and responsibilities for using 1099s.



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All About Home Business Liability Insurance


Many solopreneurs who work from home forgo purchasing insurance for their home businesses. Some don’t believe it is necessary or assume their homeowner’s policy provides sufficient coverage. Others are concerned about the premiums.

How To Save Money By Going Green

by MBO Partners

It’s an unfortunate truth that many environmentally friendly products and services cost more than their less green counterparts. But going green doesn’t have to mean spending more; in fact, independent contractors can actually save themselves a surprising amount of money by adopting a green attitude towards their daily business tasks.

Facebook Marketing Dos and Don’ts

by MBO Partners

The rise of social media marketing has leveled the playing field in the business world, allowing independent contractors to use the same tools and access the same online audience as any large company – and do it all for free.

7 Ways To Cut Expenses in the New Year

by MBO Partners

With the new year upon us, now is the perfect time to reassess your expenses as an independent contractor. Any business budget can benefit from a little belt-tightening, but solopreneurs deal with smaller profit margins than larger companies, so the need to keep expenses to a minimum is much more pressing.

Meet the Webinar Speakers: MBO Partners President & CEO Gene Zaino and VP of Business Development Dave Putt


If you’re an independent contractor or self-employed, you won’t want to miss our upcoming webinar on December 12, 2013:

The Affordable Care Act: What Independent Workers Need to Know

MBO Partners’ own President & CEO Gene Zaino and VP of Business Development Dave Putt will co-present the webinar which will tackle many of the complex questions independent workers have about this historical piece of health care legislation.

The Way Work Gets Done in the Emerging "Project Economy"

by MBO Marketing Team

After three long years of recession and bouncing on the bottom of economic indicators, even the Bears are looking at this year positively. As the economy recovers, many businesses are seeing sales improve without returning to the full headcount they had previously associated with such numbers. Often, they were able to become even more productive with fewer employees. So how are businesses operating with fewer people while making more money? Did we stumble upon a better way to get work done?