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January 11, 2012

Infographic Shows Top 5 Trends Shaping the Future of Work

HERNDON, VA--(Marketwire - Jan 11, 2012) - MBO Partners, the leader in the $250-billion-and-growing independent consulting sector in America, today unveiled its Future of Work Infographic, outlining five key predictions that will shape the independent work landscape in 2012.

According to the inaugural MBO Partners Independent Workforce Index, there are currently 16 million independent professionals in the U.S. In less than a decade, the number of solopreneurs -- independent professionals launching businesses-of-one -- is expected to exponentially grow due, in large part, to the predictive trends detailed in this infographic: http://info.mbopartners.com/rs/mbo/images/predictions%20infographic.jpg

Key independent work predictions to watch for in 2012 include:

1. One is The New Majority - By 2020, MBO Partners predicts more than half of the private workforce will be career independent, as this new way to work enables more autonomy and flexibility in the workplace.

2. A Growing Demand for Experts & Seasoned Skilled Workers - 2012 accelerates the trend toward a future workforce that will largely be made up of experts and seasoned skilled workers, including a greater number of mature workers (those aged 55 and older) starting independent careers based on acquired expertise. These independent experts are already the talent-of-choice for hiring managers.

3. Independence is Fueled as New Social Communities and Collaborative Technologies Continue to Rise - The continued proliferation of niche, work-oriented online social communities will allow for increased networking and head-hunting opportunities both inside and outside the firewall. Additionally, cloud-based technologies eliminate the barriers imposed by physical work locations.

4. The Backlash: Increased Regulation and Tighter Enforcement - As independent careers proliferate, the government will seek to collect its tax revenue with stricter laws and higher violation penalties. In 2011, seven worker misclassification laws were passed in six states. Currently there are already 14 additional bills under review. Companies need to implement systems that are in compliance with these new laws.

5. Independent Workers will Require a 'Passport for Independence' - As these workforce changes take shape, a structure will be needed that allows independent workers to move from project to project and company to company with better, more robust systems, safety nets, and the tools to support them as compliant, independent businesses.

For more detailed information on these trends, please visit MBO Partners 2012 Independent Work Predictions Preview.

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