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Archive for October 2018

How to Achieve Work-Life Balance When You’re Self-Employed

Achieving work-life balance is hard for anyone, but it can be particularly difficult for independent professionals who have to balance the demands of multiple clients while running their own business. While poor work-life balance can lead to significant consequences in your personal life and career, making a few small changes can bring big results. Here is a…

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5 Certifications for Small Business Owners

Small business certifications can help differentiate your company and provide access to federal contracts, specialized funding, and new networking opportunities. Here are five certifications to consider pursuing.

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3 Reasons to Land Projects with Big Clients

Why Work with Big Clients? The number of high-earning independent professionals is on the rise—3.3 million full-time independents report earning $100,000 or more each year. These independents tend to work in highly-skilled fields, and demand for their services is high thanks to a strong economy. Big companies can afford to spend big money with small…

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