Webinar Preview: Grow Your Network and Market Your Skills / Brand

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Updated Tuesday, July 7, 2020

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Once you’ve established a successful online presence; the next challenge is making yourself visible to your target market – those beyond your immediate network of first-degree connections. Many consultants are not used to “selling” themselves outside of their network of known and trusted colleagues.

To widen your opportunities, you’ll have to change a few of your techniques once you are dealing unknown contacts who are comparing you to the general market. While “selling” yourself doesn’t always come naturally, there are easy and actionable techniques one can apply to learn how to succinctly discuss your background and skills to prospective contacts and clients.

In this webinar, Growing Beyond Your Network: Marketing Your Skills and Brand as an Independent Consultant, the second in our three-part “Building Your Online Presence” series, Chief Talent Officer Amy O’Donnell shares insights on how to best leverage your background and experience to market yourself as an independent professional.

Come prepared with questions – we’ll reserve ample time to answer them in the second half of this session.  

Join this session and you’ll learn:

  • How to translate your skills into saleable assets for independent consulting work
  • Tips to market yourself to prospective clients
  • How to follow up and drive sales in a crowded market
  • How to evaluate current market conditions and update your presence to match demand
  • Techniques to stand out from other similar professionals in the space
  • What recruiters are seeing and thinking when they view your profile and compare it to others in the space

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