The on-boarding process

By MBO Partners |

Updated Monday, August 1, 2016

Sometimes starting an assignment at new a client can be confusing – it’s our job to help you navigate the process.

Below is a summary of typical steps you will follow, which can usually take between 1-3 weeks to complete.

  Set up your client engagement and business center

First, you’ll get set up in MBO Partners simple program that allows you to engage properly and compliantly with your client.  During this step you will:

  • Understand how payments work
  • Discuss how you will engage with your client
  • Review questions with your enrollment manager

 Fill out engagement profile

Most of you will fill out standard tax forms and questionnaires to get up and working.  However, if you are engaging with your client as a qualified Vendor, this step might look slightly different:

  • Fill out personal information
  • Fill out necessary tax information
  • Sign applicable documents

 Complete client-required tasks

Your client will specify which tasks you’ll need to complete.  Requirements may differ from the below (your Enrollment Manager will be able to guide you), but in general these may include:

  • Background check (if applicable)
  • Contract addendums (if applicable)

 Start your project

Now you’re ready to begin!  A dedicated Business Manager will help you through your engagement, including:

  • Benefit enrollment (if eligible)
  • Time and expense entry
  • Invoicing

Your client relies on MBO to make sure that it engages its independent talent properly and to its own compliance standards. And to provide a convenient and helpful environment for valued independent workers like you. Watch this video for more.