Payment and taxes explained

By MBO Partners |

Updated Tuesday, August 16, 2016

If you’re new to the way cash flow is managed through the MBO Partners program, it can be (very) confusing.

Most of our customers have either been self-employed before or have held a full-time job as an employee, but not all have paid themselves as employees of their own company. And paying yourself as an employee of your own company is the closest model to the way cash flow is managed in an MBO Partners program.

Below are two infographics that may help explain these complex topics:  One takes the perspective of an employee at a company before and the second looks through the lens of someone who has been self-employed before and is familiar with self-employment taxes.

Choose the one that makes most sense given your prior experience.  And if you still want help clarifying the way cash is managed or you have questions, reach out to your MBO Partners contact.  We’re here to help.

Full-Time Employee Perspective

Self-Employed Perspective

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