What our clients say about us

By MBO Partners |

Updated Tuesday, April 19, 2016


“My enrollment manager has been wonderful in setting me up with MBO Partners for my first consulting gig. Her wealth of knowledge is amazing and her energy and desire to help is outstanding! She is a superstar in my book!”

Nick Conte
President and CEO
Lowcountry Critical Path Partners, LLC
“What a positive experience I have had being with MBO Partners!  The staff has been always pleasant to work with.”

Barbara Smith
Retired Consultant
“I am impressed with MBO’s capabilities, integration strategies, as well as, cost containment, labor risk reduction and reduced administrative management.  I am a big fan of MBO and the innovative approach you bring to the market.”

David Willard
Executive Director Talent Acquisition


“The MBO business managers are the envy of everybody at my client company. Over the past five years, I have been blessed with a series of very smart, talented, and dedicated business managers, even by MBO high standards of service”.

Glenn Harned
President and CEO
GMH Associates