Use The 5 Elements of Personal Brand Positioning To Land New Clients

By MBO Partners |

Updated Friday, May 27, 2016


This one-hour MBO Partners webinar features nationally recognized branding expert Amanda Miller Littlejohn, an award-winning PR practitioner, personal branding coach, and founder of Package Your Genius Academy—a leadership program where women gain the skills they need to make themselves and their work visible in the digital age. Littlejohn discussed the five elements of personal brand positioning.

Independents will learn actionable tactics for creating a clear and concise message, see evidence and case studies of success, establish social proof, discover how to position themselves within thought leadership, and learn to broadcast that message effectively. Participants will walk away with a clear toolkit for their personal brand to help them establish their business or take their existing business to the next level, as well as actionable tips on how they can use their brand to drive new business.

This MBO Partners webinar took place June 16, 2016.