How Much Direct Relief Can I Expect?

Calculate Your Stimulus Payment

All Americans whose income falls within a defined range will receive an automatic payment of up to $1200 per individual and $500 per dependent child. Use our simple calculator to estimate how much your payment will be.

The exact payment amount depends on how you filed your most recent tax return: your 2019 return if you’ve already filed it or your 2018 return if you’re taking advantage of the July 15th extended deadline. Individual, Joint and Head of Household filers each have an Adjusted Gross Income threshold; if your income is higher than the threshold, the payment decreases on a sliding scale of $5 less payment per $100 additional income.

Income Thresholds

  • Single Filer: $75,000 Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)
  • Head of Household Filer: $112,500 AGI
  • Married/Joint Filers: $150,000 combined AGI

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