Direct Sourcing Solutions for Enterprises

As the use of independent consultants continues to grow, savvy organizations must find a way to directly engage this workforce in a faster, more cost-effective way.

With nearly one-quarter of full-time Independents planning on using an online consultant marketplace to find projects in the next year, organizations must offer an accessible, easy-to-use engagement platform in order to remain competitive in today’s War for Talent.

To leverage this valuable talent pool, organizations should look to implement an enterprise-grade direct sourcing solution: a technology-enabled platform that takes both compliance and engagement needs into account.

An enterprise-grade direct sourcing solution enables businesses and end users to self-source and directly engage independent consultants in a faster, more cost-effective way.


Direct sourcing enables access to and connection with top talent by leveraging marketplace-based technologies to create a more frictionless and direct relationship between provider and buyer—managers and independent talent. By shifting recruiter functions in-house, managers can search through a network of available talent, matching skillsets to available project opportunities, and talent simplify the process of working with leading companies while realizing significant savings and an improved customer experience.

Through direct sourcing, companies can quickly identify candidates for available project opportunities using their own resources. By direct sourcing from a vetted group of known independents—a Preferred Talent Network—organizations can easily find, engage, and reengage talent with minimum compliance risk.


Download our Enterprise-Grade Direct Sourcing Solution paper to create a robust direct sourcing engagement solution for your business.

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