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Premier and MBO Partners:

Engaging independent workers safely and efficiently


Premier engages independent professionals—commonly known as contractors, consultants, freelancers, small services providers, and non-employee workers—to deliver specialized services. These independents provide Premier with workforce flexibility and subject matter expertise that can augment the abilities of its full-time staff. In short, independent professionals help Premier compete in the ever-escalating war for talent—and it is critical that
Premier engages them safely and efficiently.

MBO Partners, the independent workforce leader, helps Premier offer the most efficient and appealing engagement environment possible for its valued independent talent. MBO's flexible engagement services ensure that Premier can manage contractor relationships efficiently while staying compliant with contractor-related regulations. MBO also provides independents the highest level of advocacy and support throughout their Premier assignments. (Learn about MBO's engagement services below.)

To begin the process, refer the talent to CWMP by contacting CWMP will work with you and the candidate to initiate the new role through MBO.

If you do not already have someone in mind, MBO can help source independent talent for your projects. MBO has expertise identifying talent in key area skill densities including IT infrastructure, project / program management, business analysis, marketing, cyber security, cloud infrastructure, data science, and more. Note that a 15% sourcing fee applies for successful placements, which is in addition to the standard engagement service fees.

Sourcing process: When you need MBO's help finding a contractor for a role, email the following to

  1. Your name, title, email, and phone number.
  2. The position's title, estimated pay range, key skill requirements, location(s) / remote, estimated project duration (start and end dates)

MBO will then recruit, screen, and submit vetted candidates for your review. You simply select the candidate that best matches your needs and MBO will initiate its standard onboarding process.

MBO directs Premier-referred contractors into one of three engagement services depending on their characteristics, expectations, and business qualifications:

  •  Vendor Services, a business-to-business engagement service for independent professionals who meet Premier's criteria to engage as qualified vendors. Independent professionals interested in engaging through Vendor Services must pass a qualification evaluation during the onboarding process. MBO invoices Avanir for approved time/expense submissions and pays vendors upon receipt of Avanir's payment.
  • Business Services, a unique engagement alternative for independent professionals who wish to work as compliant independent business owners (LLCs or corporations) but need assistance meeting and maintaining the appropriate credentials to do so. Independents engaged through Business Services enjoy the freedom and flexibility of operating an independent business at less cost and with less administration than doing it alone.
  • Payroll Services, a conventional W-2 payrolling solution for hourly workers who do not consider themselves true independent business practitioners.



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Questions about MBO?

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