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From Employer of Choice to Client of Choice

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Enquire AI Launches Knowledge Discovery Software Lumina; Secures Investment and Partnership from Leading Direct Sourcing Platform MBO Partners

Worker Classification Tests: DOL, IRS, State Tests for Classifying Workers


MSP vs VMS: Which is better for managing contingent labor?

Team made up of employees and independent professionals

7 Best Practices for a Scalable Contingent Labor Workforce Program

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Going , Going, Gone: New Study Reveals Workers Flip The Script on Traditional Work

Independent Contractor Misclassification and Compliance News November 2022

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How Big and Small Companies Can Innovate During A Recession  

6 Ways to Boost Independent Contractor Retention

An age-diverse team

Increase Performance through an Age-Diverse Workforce

6 Benefits of Workforce Optimization for Companies

5 Strategic Characteristics of a Scalable Independent Workforce Program

4 Ways Companies Can Achieve Workforce Agility

Building an Adaptive Workforce Through Direct Sourcing


Open Innovation: Filling Solution Gaps

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Independent Contractor Misclassification and Compliance News October 2022

How to Successfully Engage Digital Nomads

Staff Spotlight: Brianna Vargas: Financial Analyst

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The New American Revolution Fueling the Future of Work: MBO Partners’ Next Chapter

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Study: Is Digital Nomadism the New Work Non-Negotiable?

6 Ways to Become a Preferred Client for Contractors After the Great Resignation

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What’s Driving Continued Digital Nomad Growth?

navingating first client

10 Steps to Succeed at Your First Consulting Project (Guide)

consultant ready to start a business

Key Questions to Ask Before Starting a Consulting Business (Guide)

create small business website

How to Create a Great Consulting Website (Guide)

creating a proposal

How to Write a Consulting Proposal: Template Included

selling services

6 Ways to Sell Better and Get More Consulting Clients (Guide)

Scope of Work

How to Write a Project Scope of Work (Guide and Templates)

transition to self employed

How to Transition from FTE to Self Employed: 9 Steps

reputation management

5 Small Business Reputation Management Strategies that Work