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5 Ways to Lower Worker Misclassification Audit Risk

Effective Communication in Your Direct Sourcing Program

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Study Highlights: The Untapped Potential of a Recomposable Workforce

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How to Be Compliant When Working with Digital Nomads

5 Benefits of Proactive Workforce Management

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Interested in Being a Digital Nomad? What You Need to Know


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How to Increase Direct Sourcing Program Adoption

For Future-of-Work Success, Ditch the Role Description

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4 Ways to Build Long Term Relationships with Contingent Workers

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Calculate Your Worker Misclassification Risk

Independent Contractor Misclassification and Compliance News June 2024


5 Benefits of Project-Based Hiring

4 Ways to Build an Adaptive Workforce Through Direct Sourcing

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Should I Hire a 1099 Contractor or W2 Employee? 6 Questions to Ask


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Which Creator Partnership Is Right for You?

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Stepping Stones to a Robust Direct Sourcing Program

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8 Worker Misclassification Tips to Set Your Enterprise Up for Success


7 Tips for Writing a Client Report (with Sample Report)

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What is a Talent Network?


Best Practices for Building an Independent Talent Community in Your Direct Sourcing Program

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5 Dimensions that Impact Corporate Agility


Consulting Fee and Bill Rate Calculator

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3 Benefits of Creating a Virtual Talent Bench

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6 Reasons to Re-Engage Talent as Part of a Direct Sourcing Strategy