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Own Your Future, with Help From the Best

You've spent years building expertise and gaining recognition as a leader in your field. It's time to claim the rewards you've earned by going independent.

  • 79% of independents have control over where and how they work
  • On average, independents have 20% higher take-home pay than full-time employees
  • 75% of full-time independents are more satisfied being their own boss
  • 53% of independents experience less risk than company employees

Setting up and managing your independent business can be daunting


Don't let running your business look like this...

Where do you want to spend your time? Figuring out the best corporate structure for you? Building a web presence? Understanding taxes and payroll? Chasing client payments? Going through vendor qualification? Sourcing benefits? Optimizing contracts? What if you could use that time instead to bill $50,000 more work? Attend an industry event? Pick up a new skill? Take a vacation?

MBO Advantage takes care of it

You’re ready to get started on projects at leading enterprises, immediately. Every year, we help thousands of professionals just like you establish and operate their business, billing over $300,000 to their clients annually.

Being independent doesn’t mean “doing it alone”. As an elite member of MBO’s community, you have access to a robust network of like-minded professional independents, sharing knowledge and joining forces. Get promoted through MBO’s established relationships within your top sales prospects to land new clients. MBO Advantage gives you the support you need to be successful—not just tools to do work.

...when it can be this simple with MBO Advantage!


All at an introductory price of $99/month

Plus a low transaction fee on billings processed by MBO

Increase your ROE - Return on Experience

Your revenue comes from the knowledge and experience you’ve built up over your career. Make sure you’re maximizing its earning potential by focusing your time and attention on project work for your clients. MBO’s advisors will minimize distraction by looking after your business health, guiding you on best practices and automating the routine support activities.

Build a Rock Solid Foundation

  • Customized consultation to structure your business
    to work with top corporations
  • White glove management for setting up your
    business as an LLC or Corporation
  • Curated partnerships with industry-leading providers
    for insurances and benefits

Eliminate Back Office Burden

  • Outsourced chief of staff to optimize your business
    and ensure everything works in harmony
  • Marketing consultation, to showcase a polished
    digital footprint and attract new prospects

Turbocharge Your Earnings

  • Ongoing expert review and advice on contracts, rates, pipeline and profitability
  • Support for expense tracking, invoicing and collections
  • Instant approved vendor status at F500 & other enterprise clients through MBO’s network

Grow, Scale, & Team

  • Promotion within MBO’s enterprise project marketplace and hand-picked project leads
  • Invite-only networking and event opportunities
  • Proprietary teaming solution to partner with other independent professionals on larger projects and expand your service capabilities

JOIN TODAY AND GAIN the support you need to let your expertise shine. Advantage takes care of the details so that you can focus on delivery and growth. Plus, you’re backed by MBO’s industry-leading reputation as the platform for enterprise-grade independents, giving you immediate, unparalleled access to the best clients, worldwide.


MBO Partners knows independents better than anyone else:

  • $1 billion+ processed in annual independent services billings
  • 60+ Fortune 500 Enterprise clients
  • 20+ years supporting independent professionals
  • Legislative advocacy and thought leadership
  • State of Independence: the world’s longest-running study of the independent workforce

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