Health IT, Big Data, and Data Science Consultant

Jacksonville Beach, FL


As a data-scientist with years of hands-on experience, I combine a research-driven approach with the business acumen to help clients scale by modernize software, leverage big data and analytics and code superior software products

About Angelo

Angelo Kastroulis is an award-winning technologist, inventor, entrepreneur, speaker, data scientist, and author best known for his high-performance computing and Health IT experience. He is the principal consultant, lead architect, and owner of Carrera Group, a consulting firm specializing in software modernization, event streaming (Kafka), big data, analytics (Spark, elastic Search, and Graph), and high-performance software development on many technical stacks (Java, .net, Scala, C++, and Rust).

He has served as senior and executive technical leadership at several organizations helping companies like Walt Disney, Walmart, United Healthcare, and McKesson solve complex (and fun) technical challenges at an immense scale. As a consulting partner, he also helps vendors like Confluent, DataStax, AWS, Azure, and Databricks ensure their customers succeed.

In Health IT, Angelo leverages his many years of experience developing and implementing standards to build clinical decision support systems (Clinical Quality Language and others) and FHIR systems.

Building solid, well-balanced designs is a process of discovery that begins with a survey of published technical research papers. A Data Scientist at heart, Angelo enjoys a research-driven approach to creating powerful, massively scalable applications and innovating new methods for superior performance. He loves to educate, discover, then see the knowledge through to practical implementation.

Angelo's accomplishments include contributions to AI research at the Harvard Data Systems Lab (subsequently winning the Dean's Prize for Outstanding Thesis in Computer Science), authoring technical papers and books, and developing patents in graph computing, AI, and performance optimization.

Outside of the office, Angelo enjoys spending time with his family and trying to optimize his latency around a race track.

Thought Leadership

Areas of Focus

  • Health Informaticist
  • Data Scientist
  • Architect
  • Engineer
  • Scrum Master

Primary Verticals

  • Biotech/Pharma
  • Healthcare

Consulting Practice

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