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Manny Brar

Manny Brar

Manny Brar

I offer clients superior compliance with regulatory needs in the financial services sector, by consulting on specific challenges like Dodd-Frank Title VII and Title VI Volcker Rule as well as general product and process expertise in ForEx, Rates and Commodities.

About Manny

Manny has more than twelve years of management consulting experience leading and managing several cross-functional engagements driven by Regulatory Mandates at global financial services firms. Manny has extensive experience leading and managing engagements in the following areas:

  • Dodd-Frank Title VII OTC Derivatives and Title VI Volcker Rule
  • Product and Process expertise in Foreign Exchange, Rates, and Commodities

Previously, Manny was with the Advisory Practices at E&Y, KPMG and Grant Thornton. Manny started his career as a Commodities Trader and Foreign Exchange Trader with Cargill, Inc.

Key Engagements

Manny has led several Regulatory engagements. His key engagement experience includes:

  • Dodd-Frank OTC Derivatives Regulatory Reform Program for theinvestment banking division of a Global Financial Services Firm, where the program scope included:
    • Swap Execution Facilities (SEFs)
    • Clearing – Mandatory and Voluntary
    • Collateral Management – Cleared and Uncleared
    • Reporting: Part 43 (Real-time), Part 45 (PET, Continuation ), and Part 46 (Historical)
  • Led a Dodd-Frank Title VI Volcker Rule Assessment Program at the Capital Markets group of a Global Financial Services Firm. The activities included assessing the various trading desks to determine proprietary trading, assessing hedging activities, ability to generate quantitative metrics reporting with regard to conformance with the Volcker Rule
  • Manny worked on a Treasury System implementation project at a global conglomerate’s corporate treasury covering debt, foreign exchange, commodities and derivatives, where his role involved:
    • Leading the FX planning exercise to plan the approach, methodology and scope for FX phase, as well as capturing the current and desired instruments and systems
    • Documenting the ‘As Is’ and ‘To Be’ processes and requirements
  • Led a system enhancement project for a Global Financial Services group introducing a new structured foreign exchange options instrument (PRDS: Power R everse Dual Currency Swap) in their front-office to back-office trading and risk management system

Manny has an MBA from Emory University, Risk Management Certification from Columbia Business School, and a CAMS in Anti-Money Laundering.

He has completed projects with:

  • Goldman Sachs
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Credit Suisse
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Santander Bank
  • Bank of China
  • Standard Chartered
  • DZ Bank

Areas of Focus

  • Capital Markets
  • Commodities
  • Compliance Management
  • Compliance Testing
  • Performance Improvement
  • Product Management
  • Program Budgeting
  • Program Implementation
  • Program Management
  • Regulatory Programs
  • Risk Management

Primary Verticals

  • Finance
  • Professional Services

Consulting Practice

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