Information & Cloud Security Management

Orange County, CA


I consider myself an expert in the IT security realm, and can help teams from the conception to the completion of an IT security project leveraging my deep technical expertise and management experience gained from a number of industry roles.

About Shri

A professional information technology manager with over fifteen years of experience and seven plus years within the Information  Security realm. He has exceptional technical proficiency along with an extensive background that includes core technical analyst to Senior Manager level roles.

Shri Bhatia is experienced in various industries such as Entertainment (Sony Pictures, Viacom), Banking (MUFG, USAA), Healthcare (Memorial Care), Insurance (State Farm), Telecom (AT&T, Vonage), and Consumer Credit. Shri is a goal-oriented professional who leads with the capacity to analyze business processes and security based innovative projects from concept through execution/completion.

He has facilitated Global Security Operations Center and Crisis Management teams to effectively resolve incidents to acceptable resolutions. Also communicated, oversaw and carried out technical implementations of security solutions required to meet business objectives. Managed projects for Information Security, Penetration testing, Compliance, Fraud and various business units. He is also well versed in cloud environments like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure & Oracle Cloud Instance.

Shri is a board member of the ISACA Orange County chapter and oversees client partners as the Director of Sponsorships.

Areas of Focus

  • Cloud Data Privacy & Security Controls
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Security Compliance & Governance
  • Security Program Management
  • SOC Process Improvement
  • Vendor Management
  • Security Change Management
  • Security Portfolios
  • Project & Risk Management
  • Threat Management
  • Security Application Management

Primary Verticals

  • Entertainment
  • Telecom

Consulting Practice

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