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Williamsburg, VA


As a former Admiral in the US Navy, I bring my experience to consulting with military, federal and private sector clients as an expert advisor helping these organizations build resilient teams and organizational change.

About Steven

Rear Admiral Steven G. Smith U.S. Navy (Retired) is a former Senior Government Executive (SES) most recently working for Booz Allen Hamilton as Senior Joint Military Analyst with the “Project Quincy” team in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. This project has been supporting the transformation of the Saudi Armed Forces as part of “Saudi Vision 2030”. Steve was the Senior Advisor to the Chief of the Saudi Armed Forces and led the Project Quincy on-site team at Saudi Armed Forces Headquarters facilitating the establishment of the Saudi Joint Staff.

Prior to joining Booz Allen Hamilton, Steven was a Senior Government Executive (SES) serving in the federal government as Director of the Office of Disaster Planning and Risk Management for the U.S. Small Business Administration, a cabinet-level Agency. At SBA he was responsible for disaster recovery, domestic resilience planning, and facilitating the coordination of SBA agency-wide resources with other government agencies and the private sector contributing to disaster resilience and recovery.

Admiral Smith has a broad base of risk management experience in the military, private sector, and federal government with success in achieving organizational change and building resilient teams. He also has a network of government and private sector contacts to help facilitate the best possible federal government support for both business and technology development, domestic resilience, and long-term community recovery from disaster.

He is an expert senior analyst focused on determining root causes and identifying mitigating or corrective action. Admiral Smith has broad and deep professional experience across many professional areas working with collaborative teams facilitates innovative and effective ideas to effectively address complex issues, determine and implement organizational solutions or applications of technology. He builds effective diverse performance teams whether he or other team members are initially familiar with the challenge. He is also an expert in integrating and leading teams from multiple organizations to accomplish difficult challenges and provide expert leadership advice.

Areas of Focus

  • Coordination Improvement
  • Defense Strategy
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Implementation
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Planning
  • Organizational Analysis
  • Resource Coordination
  • Risk Management
  • Strategic Management,

Primary Verticals

  • Professional Services,
  • Federal/Government

Consulting Practice

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