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Bernardsville, NJ


The healthcare and drug development industry is rapidly changing and I am able to help companies evaluate new drug entities and build teams to streamline their development and business plans

About Thomas

Dr. Zimmerman is a medically trained, seasoned professional who evaluates new drug entities and advises companies on building teams to streamline their development and business plans.

He started his career with research at Johns Hopkins where he obtained his medical training. He then entered pharma where he worked for some of the world's leading companies: Sanofi, Wyeth, and Biogen to name a few.

He has achieved roles of greater and greater responsibility at both large and medium pharmaceutical companies and has served as CMO for several organizations. In this role, he was asked to build a team of medical professionals and researchers for Daiichi Asubio.

The healthcare and drug and device development business is rapidly changing with improvements in pharmacovigilance, trial design, regulations, etc. Many startups reach out to academia for expertise, but this avenue often fails because it does not generate enough expertise in development. Most investors lack insight into the process, and Johnston McGregor understands important investment milestones and works with companies to achieve these efficiently.

Dr. Zimmerman loves the Opera and sang with the Baltimore Opera Company years ago. He also loves architecture and is restoring a historic homes.

Areas of Focus

  • CNS Diseases
  • Drug Development
  • Oncology Clinical Trials
  • Regulatory Responses
  • Translational Development

Primary Verticals

  • Healthcare
  • Drug Development

Consulting Practice

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