MBO Partners offers MBO Advantage members tax-advantaged benefits vehicles and medical expense programs


Maximize your retirement savings through MBO’s partnership with E*TRADE.

Depending on your corporate structure, you may be eligible to enroll in either a Simplified Employee Pension Individual Retirement Account (SEP-IRA) or an Individual 401(k) to set aside money for retirement. MBO selected E*TRADE as the partner of choice for providing maximum flexibility and a personalized customer experience.

Please find more information on each retirement plan below.


The SEP-IRA retirement plan offers:

  • No minimum initial deposit
  • No annual fees and no account minimums
  • Flexibility in building your portfolio
  • Pre-tax contributions providing tax advantages to your company
  • Roll-over pre-tax contributions from a traditional retirement account
  • Brokerage options to manage your investments
  • Access to a personal financial advisor

Additional Information

Contributions to a SEP-IRA cannot exceed the lesser of:

  1. 25% of your net adjusted self-employed income, or
  2. $58,000 total retirement contributions for 2021

Note that elective salary deferrals and catch-up contributions are not permitted in SEP plans. Loans from SEP plans are also not permitted.

You can take distributions from your SEP-IRA at any time. There is no need to show a hardship to take a distribution. However, your distribution will be included in your taxable income and it may be subject to an additional tax if you are under age 59½.

E*TRADE Individual 401(k)

An Individual 401(k) is a retirement savings option that qualifies as an IRS-approved and ERISA-governed platform. It is designed for self-employed individuals or the sole owner-employee of a corporation where there are no full-time employees other than themselves and their spouse. An Individual 401(k) is sometimes referred to as a Solo 401(k), a Uni 401(k), or a one-participant 401(k).

Additional Information

The contribution limits in an Individual 401(k) with one participant are the same as a traditional 401(k) plan. The personal deferrals can be split between traditional pre-tax and Roth after-tax contributions. Consult with your financial advisor to determine your optimal retirement contribution strategy.

Please consult with E*TRADE to determine if you are eligible for profit-sharing contributions in your plan.

Health Savings Account – tax savings on medical expenses

A Health Savings Account (HSA) provides tax savings opportunities for those enrolled in a qualified High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). Eligible participants can elect to contribute up to $3,600 for single coverage and up to $7,200 for family coverage in 2021.

HSA funds can be used to pay for qualified medical, dental, and vision out-of-pocket expenses for you and your eligible dependents. With an HSA, you will never have to forfeit the money you have deposited. Unused funds roll over year after year, earning tax-free interest.

MBO’s HSA Program

MBO has partnered with American Benefits Group (ABG) to administer our HSA program. ABG has created an MBO-specific program offering, including benefits such as:

  • The ability to contribute to the HSA post-tax and the ability to realize tax savings by claiming the deductions when filing your annual taxes
  • Eligible healthcare purchases can be made tax-free when you use your HSA and purchases can be made directly from the HSA account either via benefits debit card, ACH, online bill-pay, or check
  • The ability to submit qualified insurance premiums and medical expenses through the HSA
  • The interest on HSA funds grows on a tax-free basis and is not considered taxable income when the funds are used for eligible medical expenses
  • The program allows reimbursement of up to $3,600 for individuals or $7,200 for families in out-of-pocket medical expenses annually, with any unused portion eligible for rollover into the next year
    • Individuals aged 55 and over may make an additional $1,000 catch-up contribution
  • HSA funds can be invested once you reach a certain threshold; note that the ABG HSA option requires a minimum balance of $1,000 before funds can be invested

Medical Plans and Additional Insurance

MBO has partnered with GetInsured as they offer an easy way to shop for health insurance and other plans. This gives our Advantage members access to health insurance plans, including:

  • ACA-compliant medical insurance
  • Supplemental health
  • Dental and vision
  • Other ancillary benefits


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A professional digital presence is essential to build your brand and increase your network, and ultimately fuels your pipeline to find the next project. 

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We’ve partnered with Taxfyle, a leading tax-preparation platform, to offer MBO Advantage members free quarterly tax estimates and additional savings on your annual return.

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Bring your book of business to MBO and receive a dedicated advisor to help with setting a bill rate, reviewing a contract, certifying paperwork, and client billing, collections, and payment.

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