Product Leader

Arlington, VA


As a champion of civic tech, I use my skills in product management, agile lifecycle, software development and user research to transform government services for the better

About Johanna

Johanna is a seasoned product leader who is committed to bringing products, policies, and people together. She is the Founder of For People, which is a civic tech company that is committed to bring better government services.

Prior to For People, Johanna led the government portfolio for a health tech company in Silicon Valley, where she led the creation of Medicaid and CHIP’s first data warehouse to enable a data-driven culture to benefit the 80 million beneficiaries. Previously, she was the product lead at the FBI, redesigning the Bureau's crisis management system, and process.

Areas of Focus

  • Agile Product Lifecycle Management
  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Software Development
  • User Research

Primary Verticals

  • Federal
  • Information Technology
  • State Governments

Consulting Practice

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