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About the Independent Consulting Blog

On these pages, we’ll be exploring the complex and rapidly evolving business and regulatory conditions surrounding the use or independent contractors, consultants, and 1099s. Companies of all sizes that engage independent contractors are subject to myriad risks and responsibilities for using 1099s.



Independent Consulting

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DeVry’s Career Advisory Board & MBO Tell the Story of Successful Contractors

by Gene Zaino

As CEO of the leading platform for self-employment, I have a great interest in the recent surge in independent workers. So when analyst and reporter Alexandra Levit – well known for her insightful career stories in the New York Times -- reached out to talk about how to better advise aspiring contractors and consultants, our team was happy to help.

Tags: Research

High Coffee Prices May Leave You Roasted

by Jay Miutz

Much to the dismay of their customers, Dunkin’ Donuts announced on Tuesday that it will be slightly raising its prices. However, the doughnut titan is not alone in this venture; many other chains, including Panera and Tim Horton’s, will also be forced to raise prices.

Giving Back on a Budget

by MBO Partners

If you are an independent contractor starting your own consulting business or a long-time consultant on a tight budget, it might be tough to find a little extra cash for charity.

Hiring Freelance Website or Social Media Help? Ask These 5 Questions First

by MBO Partners

In today’s world, presenting an effective online presence is crucial for any organization looking to grow its business. The same holds true if you are an independent contractor who is starting a consulting business or looking to expand.

Should Independent Professionals Ever Offer Discounts?

by MBO Partners

What’s more enticing to customers new and old than a sale? Many an independent professional looking for a way to boost business has decided to offer a discount on their products or services.

How To Be Productive When You Don’t Feel Like Working

by MBO Partners

Every single independent professional out there has experienced it at one time or another. There are simply some days when you just do not feel like working.

Tips For The Self-Employed: How To Recover When Business Is Slow

by MBO Partners

For an independent professional, the stream of work can sometimes flow in peaks and valleys. One month you’re swamped, and the next, things are much slower. So what can independent professionals do to recover from those slow times, and get their businesses booming again as quickly as possible? We’ve assembled a list of 6 tips for making a quick recovery when business is slow.

5 Reasons Why Cloud Computing Is Ideal For Independent Professionals

by MBO Partners

What defines an independent professional? There are as many definitions as there are independent professionals, but there is one thing that just about all of them have in common - and that one thing is mobility.

5 Steps To Handling Risky Business Decisions

by MBO Partners

Working in an office environment, a manager may have the final word when it comes to making important business decisions, but there are always others available to bounce ideas off of or ask for opinions.