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Get access to 70,000+ top independent professionals through MBO's marketplace. Find the right talent on-demand and onboard quickly using the MBO platform.

Get top talent when you need it

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Get top talent when you need it

MBO's marketplace is where large enterprises find in-demand talent on-demand. As part of our workforce optimization offering, MBO's marketplace provides large enterprises direct access to highly skilled independent professionals.

Reduce onboarding time, costs, and risk

MBO's marketplace is a powerful tool that helps you quickly and strategically fill open opportunities with independent workers who have proven their value. Even better, by going directly to known talent, you reduce onboarding time, sourcing costs, and risk, all while building your own company network.

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Find talent pools in these in-demand specialties

Marketing and Creative Design

Corporate Strategy

Digital Transformation


Data & Analytics

Finance and Accounting

Change Management & Org Design

Build and maintain your own network of talent

MBO's marketplace makes finding and engaging independent talent easier

Attract and re-engage top independent talent

Build a trusted independent professional community

Attract talent through branded company pages

Create and manage open role postings

Find independent professionals with advanced matching algorithms

Engagement with Compliance

MBO's marketplace gives you something no other direct sourcing solution can: the security and convenience of proven contractor engagement services. MBO provides a positive engagement experience for the independent professionals you engage and minimizes your compliance risk.

You select the best candidate and MBO Partners does the rest: contract administration, compliance, onboarding, payments, benefits and more. With MBO's marketplace your managers can stay focused on what's important - helping your business stay innovative and competitive.

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MBO's marketplace gives you quick and easy access to skilled, experienced, and known independent professionals. Find the right talent for your projects and stay in control of the engagement process.