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MBO Partners UK, Ltd. delivers a suite of UK based contractor compliance and engagement solutions that allows our multinational, fortune 100 and SME clients to engage, manage and service their contingent workforce.

With the changing regulatory landscape in the UK, MBO Partners UK is working to help companies navigate these changes successfully. For more information, visit IR35 and the Private Sector.

MBO UK's platform incorporates PAYE solutions for contract employees while delivering a range of engagement services to Limited "PSC" companies. Services are specific to the requirements of UK legislation and not all services MBO provides in the US are available in the UK.

As a leading contractor compliance and engagement specialist worldwide, MBO Partners makes it safer to engage independent workers. Our groundbreaking compliance, engagement, payment, and talent management solutions help businesses reduce risk and achieve the highest return on their independent workforce investments.

Our flexible independent talent engagement solutions allow companies to engage independent talent based upon your needs... not one size fits all.  By using MBO's flexible, contractor-friendly engagement services, you help your business become a "Client of Choice", a desirable destination for engaging top independent talent.

Plus, UK based multinational companies can be well-served globally by MBO Partners' network of member firms and engagement providers around the world.

That's why more than 60 Fortune 500 companies trust MBO to engage their Independent Contractors, consultants, freelancers, PAYE's, and other small-services providers.

Now it's your turn.


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