Become a client of choice for top independent professionals

Build strong relationships with the independents who fuel your business strategy and accelerate your success.

We empower your enterprise to continually create better ways to engage with top talent, deliver an exceptional project experience, and operate in the next way of working.

Elevate your independent workforce program.

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Leverage Our Unmatched Expertise

Build a strategic workforce program guided by insights into the unique needs of top independent professionals.

MBO regularly shares proactive and data-driven insights with clients regarding the state of the independent workforce, talent satisfaction, and future workforce trends, in addition to exclusive event programming.

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Workforce Optimization Awaits

MBO delivers solutions you need to make engaging and managing independent professionals compliant and cost-effective.

Our comprehensive platform enables you to build a network of preferred independents and easily engage them through flexible, compliant options that meet both your needs, while consultative support ensures continuous growth.


Go Far Beyond Payroll and Compliance

MBO makes it easy to effectively and efficiently manage independent professionals. Compliance and payroll are just the beginning.

Our platform enables the tools, support, and processes not only to make financial transactions easy but also to give your enterprise the intelligence and reporting metrics needed to scale and optimize a comprehensive independent workforce program.



Meet independent professionals’ unique service needs

By understanding the needs of independent talent and having solutions that solve for these requirements, MBO enables leading businesses to build enduring, quality relationships with independent professionals.

Key Industry Areas

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I found talent in half the time, and at half the price that I would through another vendor. Talent was identified and on-boarded within a week. MBO made it easy. I handed the process over to them and they just did it.

- Salesforce


Effectively and efficiently manage independent professionals

Get the tools, support, and processes not only to make financial transactions easy but also to give your enterprise the intelligence and reporting metrics needed to scale and optimize a comprehensive independent workforce program


On-demand access to skilled independent talent

Find qualified independent professionals, post projects, and build your own network of vetted, preferred talent.


Use Communities for easy access to quality talent 

MBO Communities are independently operated groups of highly vetted domain specialists. Leaders, called Mayors, curate communities enterprises can engage in a compliant and efficient manner on the MBO Platform.


Key Resources

Client of Choice


Today more than ever, businesses must compete for the best and brightest talent. The Client of Choice report explores the key motivations and drivers of independent professionals, and examines policy structures, procedures, and engagement practices that can help you attract top talent.

2019 State of Independence


The State of Independence in America report is the longest-running comprehensive look at the independent workforce. Now in its 9th year, the 2019 survey finds full-time independents are a persistent, confident, and tech-savvy core of the independent workforce.

Direct Sourcing


MBO Partners is leading the next way of working in a post-COVID-19 world by helping client partners find and manage pools of independent talent. Determine your ideal workforce mix in a proprietary Workforce Optimization engagement, or, if you're already ready to move, let us set up an effective direct sourcing strategy and program for you. 


3 Cost Savings of Direct Sourcing

Our workforce ecosystem today is more diverse than ever before. Companies are increasingly shaping their workforce strategy around the expanding independent workforce, finding not only financial benefits, but also value in quick access to in-demand skills, staffing flexibility, and the ability to complete projects on-demand. Many forward-thinking organizations are relying on direct sourcing as a…

The Weekly Independent: September 28, 2020

Being a successful independent contractor or a Client of Choice isn’t just about doing the best work or having the best perks. It also means staying one step ahead of the curve. That’s why each week we bring you The Weekly Independent, a quick-hit digest of news of note from around the web. These simple…

How to Achieve Corporate Agility by Leveraging Independent Talent

Enterprises today are increasingly conducting work in project-based workflows using a workforce composed of full-time, independent, and offshore talent. In the midst of COVID-19, organizations are having to be more flexible and creative than ever before. Many have transitioned to remote work and others are experimenting with adjusting their operating models. No matter what strategy…

5 Risks of Hiring Independent Contractors

Independent contractors are not only a valuable source of talent for businesses, but the growth of the independent workforce also made it easier for businesses to compliantly engage independent workers with minimal risk. Despite these positive changes, navigating how to properly engage this pool of talent can be confusing given evolving laws and lack of…

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