Become a client of choice for top independent professionals

Build strong relationships with the independents who fuel your business strategy and accelerate your success.

We empower your enterprise to continually create better ways to engage with top talent, deliver an exceptional project experience, and operate in the next way of working.

Elevate your independent workforce program.

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Leverage Our Unmatched Expertise

Build a strategic workforce program guided by insights into the unique needs of top independent professionals.

Our State of Independence in America report is the longest-running and most robust research available on the independent economy and includes analysis of more than 21,000 in-depth surveys from independent professionals.

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Transform Your Independent Workforce Program

MBO Access delivers solutions you need to make engaging and managing independent professionals compliant and cost-effective.

Our comprehensive solution enables you to build a network of preferred independents and easily engage them through flexible, compliant options that meet both your needs.


Scale and Optimize Your Program

MBO Access provides the tools you need to effectively and efficiently manage independent professionals.

Our tools, support and processes not only make financial transactions easy but also give you the intelligence and reporting metrics needed to scale and optimize your program.



Meet independent professionals’ unique service needs

By understanding the needs of independent talent and having solutions that solve for these requirements, MBO enables leading businesses to build enduring, quality relationships with independent professionals.

I found talent in half the time, and at half the price that I would through another vendor. Talent was identified and on-boarded within a week. MBO made it easy. I handed the process over to them and they just did it.

- Salesforce


Effectively manage the independent talent engagement lifecycle

MBO Access gives you the technology, tools and support you need to find, engage, and manage independent professionals while minimizing risk and increasing ROI.


On-demand access to skilled independent talent

Find qualified independent professionals, post projects, and build your own network of vetted, preferred talent.


Key Resources

Client of Choice


Today more than ever, businesses must compete for the best and brightest talent. The Client of Choice report explores the key motivations and drivers of independent professionals, and examines policy structures, procedures, and engagement practices that can help you attract top talent.

2019 State of Independence


The State of Independence in America report is the longest-running comprehensive look at the independent workforce. Now in its 9th year, the 2019 survey finds full-time independents are a persistent, confident, and tech-savvy core of the independent workforce.



Our comprehensive suite of independent contractor engagement service solutions make it safer for our clients to do business with independent professionals.

We provide global MBO expertise with local delivery. Our established and proven model and processes are delivered locally ensuring cultural awareness and compliance expertise.


The Weekly Independent: January 20, 2020

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3 Things to Consider When Implementing a Direct Sourcing Strategy

As more organizations incorporate contingent talent into their workforce, direct sourcing is becoming a popular way to engage these workers. Direct sourcing enables access to and connection with top independent talent by facilitating a direct relationship between enterprise managers and independent workers. With a direct sourcing strategy in place, organizations no longer need to rely…

Looking Ahead in 2020: Independent Contractor Compliance

As the independent workforce continues to grow, so do the issues of worker compliance and misclassification. It is important for enterprises to remain informed about the latest laws, regulations, and developments surrounding these topics. As we look ahead to 2020, worker misclassification and compliance are topics that will remain in the news as new laws…

Independent Contractor Engagement Risk: What You Need to Know

Realize the competitive advantage of making independent talent part of your workforce strategy by creating a compliance program that manages legal risk and brings top talent to your doorstep.

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