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MBO helps companies in many industries engage successfully and compliantly with independent talent. The MBO platform leverages the creation and implementation of workforce optimization strategies that allow enterprises to continue to innovate and stay competitive while reducing spend and decreasing compliance risk.

Featured Industries

The MBO platform is purpose-built to support enterprise engagement of independent talent. In our 20+ years in business, we've worked with thousands of enterprises in almost every sector of the economy and more than 80 countries. Below, understand some key industry areas where we have particularly robust expertise.

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Financial Services

The continued accelerating pace of technological change coupled with societal shifts are the relevant forces in the financial services ecosystem today. These events are placing mounting pressures on the Financial Services workforce strategy.

We work with the enteprises in the financial services industry to implement workforce strategies that help them source talent with the skills they need so they can remain innovative and competitive.

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Professional Services

MBO Partners provides leading Professional Services providers a best-in-class process for engaging independent talent, with industry leading solutions that ensure compliance and are scalable to the unique needs of the industry.

With more than 9.5 million Americans employed by professional services companies, enterprises in this industry have a unique perspective on new talent and are incorporating new models of engaging talent in order to drive revenue. MBO helps these companies engage successfully with skilled talent while reducing spend.

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Healthcare Industry

Healthcare and related industries have accelerated the adoption of technologies and data analytics which is shifting workforce needs from traditional medical staff roles. Not only are skilled medical preofessionals and medical scientists in demand more than ever before, technological advances have increased the need for other experts, such as mechanical engineers, designers, and IT professionals.

As the healthcare industry expands, they are shifting to implement contingent workforce programs that expand their reach and provide sustainable growth. MBO supports these efforts through workforce management programs that provide the seamless integration of skilled independents into their ecosystem.

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Federal Government

MBO Partners gives its clients a best-in-class process for finding the engaging the right talent, onboarding and managing them compliantly, and scaling a program to their needs. With protocols in place to onboard extremely specialized talent, MBO serves its federal clients through efficient and compliant engagement.

Businesses supporting federal agencies need the ability to seamlessly engage and reengage skilled talent and offer flexible engagement programs to serve them. MBO's solutions offer flexibility and compliance so that workers are satisfied and can quickly reengage on projects.

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Technological advances are driven by team composition, agility, executional and operational bandwidth. Therefore, hiring is essential to keeping pace with rapid advances in innovation. New skill sets and strategic investments are important, but employers are often competing for the same talent for in-demand skills. Companies that can be efficient with diverse teams and multiple talent channels have more chances to succeed.

Agile and continuous development cycles lead to project-oriented work and the need for multiple specific skill sets. MBO satisfies this need by providing direct access to skilled talent who are flexible and project-oriented and provides seamless onboarding and engagement to reduce workforce spend.

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Specialty Industries

Specialty industries such as energy, utilities, retail, food service, etc. are striving to stay competitive in what is becoming an increasingly digital market. Continuous innovation requires new skill sets and technological advancements in order to cut costs and operate with a leaner staff. The workforce of these industries—several million strong globally—is comprised of skilled, experienced professionals in roles such as engineering, software development, digital marketing, and more.

Technological advancements are transforming operational efficiency and increasing the need to protect critical infrastructure.  This creates a pronounced shortage in available and readily deployable talent.  Placing significant strain on many organizations' ability to stay ahead of increasing customer demands and macro challenges.

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