The Federal Government and the Independent Workforce

MBO Partners gives its clients a best-in-class process for finding the engaging the right talent, onboarding and managing them compliantly, and scaling a program to their needs.

Businesses supporting Federal agencies often need to respond to critical projects quickly with vetted and sometimes extremely specialized talent requirements. Many opportunities require speedy responses and often specific security clearances that can be expense if not impossible to procure and difficult to maintain on a year over year basis.  MBO Partners held a Top Secret (TS) Facility Clearance for more than a decade and is a “Non-processing” facility.

Specific contract needs can be dependent on budgetary cycles and also often require ramping up staffing quickly for project sprints. Access to a pool of independent talent whose skills sets and abilities are known and well documented makes meeting those needs more straightforward.

The federal government is the nation’s single largest employer


Benefits of a Workforce Optimization Strategy

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Talent Access

Leverage independent talent community through direct sourcing, extending to in-demand and specialized skillsets

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Speed and Scale

Proven streamlined workflows reduce time-to-value and ensure consistency regardless of size or growth

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Agility and Resiliency

Accelerate time to productivity and increase flexibility with an independent workforce that adapts to the rapid pace of change to drive outcomes

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Operating Leverage

Create enterprise value by shifting total enterprise talent mix from supply chain and FTEs to a directly sourced independent workforce

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Cost Savings

Migrate to lower-cost sourcing channels and enable more cost-effective engagement alternatives

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Mitigate risks through a dynamic, audit-ready compliance rubric aligned to the changing regulatory climate

How MBO Can Help

The MBO Platform gives organizations access to known talent while taking significant HR and administrative cost out of the deployment of this talent. MBO’s proprietary technology engages high value talent in a compliant fashion, ensuring all tax, labor and other statutory requirements, including ACA, are met. The platform also allows for the rapid re-deployment of alumni and retiree populations when a need for their institutional knowledge arises.

For over a decade MBO Partners has held a Top Secret (TS) Facility Clearance and is a “Nonpossessing” facility. So we know what it takes to work at all levels of government.

MBO can help you get to a future where objectives are achieved and are completed on schedule by a workforce that strategically leverages Independent Professionals who bring the right capabilities on demand.

MBO Platform

Leverage MBO’s Extensive Talent Network

Achieve a right-sized workforce with a balance between full-time employees and experienced independent talent—with emphasis on ready-access to an on-demand workforce with required skillsets.

Top independent professionals are looking for challenging roles with clients who value their work. Our marketplace gives you access to talent with the capabilities you are looking for and the proven experience you need.

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Defense Systems Contractors

Government Contracting Leaders

2nd Career Military Officers

Dave Cassar

Dave Cassar

Chief Operations Officer &
Federal Government Practice Lead

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