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Compliant, Scalable Talent Engagement for Federal Contracts

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Compliant, Scalable Talent Engagement for Federal Contracts

Through MBO, federal contracting companies find and engage the right independent workers, while benefiting from compliant onboarding and management. With our scalable solutions, these organizations seamlessly onboard extremely specialized talent efficiently so project needs are met.

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Today, with more of our government workforce independent and remote, you need a partner that can keep up with compliance to federal regulations.


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Global Management and Information Technology Consulting Firm Streamlines Independent Contractor Engagement

A global management and information technology consulting firm needed assistance with proposal support and contract administration for their independent workforce. Their previous methods of independent contractor engagement and management were tedious and required various workarounds to engage independent contractors who were deemed non-compliant.


Leading the Next Way of Working for Federal Contracting Companies

MBO knows what drives the independent workforce, and how best to engage them for the growth and success of your organization.

The Federal Government, Supporting Businesses, and the Independent Workforce

Looking for specific contract needs that are dependent on budgetary cycles or often require ramping up staffing quickly for project sprints? Learn how to access a pool of independent talent whose skill sets and abilities are known and well documented makes meeting those needs more straightforward.

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How to Access, Engage, and Manage Your Independent Workforce

Deciding to incorporate independent talent into your workforce is the starting point. Next, enterprise managers must find the right talent to fit their needs. Then those independent contractors must be engaged in a legally compliant manner. And lastly, it's important to manage working with independent professionals in a way that helps your business achieve its goals. In this piece, we lay out the entire lifecycle of talent management - and how to minimize risk, reduce costs, and boost efficiency along the way.

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The professionalism at MBO Partners is exceptional. Especially throughout the ever-shifting work economic environment of the past year, MBO has consistently exceeded my expectations in quality, timeliness, and value. Plus, they are seriously nice folks, as are the BAH teams.

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- F. Ran, BAH Consultant

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