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Trusted by Leading Financial Services Companies


Trusted by Leading Financial Services Companies

MBO helps leading financial services companies implement flexible and compliant workforce strategies so they can stay innovative and competitive. With shifting workforce needs and technology-driven consumer demands, these companies choose MBO to find the right talent and manage them compliantly.

Top Financial Services Companies Using the MBO Platform

57% of financial services firms worldwide have said that although they have skills internally, they are short on capacity, and 36% are in need of help responding to regulation.


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Mid-Size American Bank with Locations Across the US Optimizes their Workforce through Direct Sourcing

A mid-size American bank with locations across the United States was looking for a way to avoid costly markups and lengthy fill times from staffing firms and third-party suppliers. They also wanted to develop a compliance program for their independent workforce population...

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Leading Financial Services Provider Realizes Cost Savings, Risk Mitigation and Planned Future Program Growth via Direct Sourcing on the MBO Platform

A Fortune 500 financial services company based in the Midwest was struggling to manage their contingent worker spend. Procurement was overseeing the entire process-from handling SOWs to vetting independent contractors. This presented not only an administrative...


Leading the Next Way of Working for Financial Services Companies

MBO knows what drives the independent workforce, and how best to engage them for the growth and success of your organization.

Integrating Independent and Traditional Workforces in Financial Services

Traditionally, workforce programs focused on independent talent are managed either in-house or outsourced to an intermediary provider such as an MSP, on-premise vendor, or hybrid. But today, incorporating independent professionals into these programs creates a new world of opportunities for independents and an expanded talent pool full of highly-skilled, experienced resources for the organizations that engage them.

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Foster a Community of Independent Talent

Companies that already rely on independent talent as an integral part of their workforce are reaping the rewards this flexible, remote, and skills-driven talent pool provides. But simply choosing to incorporate independent talent is not a long-term strategy. In order to attract and retain top independent talent, enterprises must understand what independents are looking for in a client-contractor relationship and make adjustments to build a community where they feel valued. In this article, we take a look at three ways enterprise managers can build a lasting community of independent talent.


By shifting our focus to direct sourcing, our Contingent Workforce Program has been able to realize over $7M in savings with MBO engagement solutions. Using the MBO Marketplace platform, we're now seeing over 12% savings on our projects.

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