Experience Solving Healthcare's Workforce Challenges


Experience Solving Healthcare Companies' Workforce Challenges

MBO has partnered with leading healthcare companies to solve their most complex workforce challenges, bringing sustainable growth to an industry with shifting workforce needs. From technology experts to data analytics specialists - we help seamlessly integrate skilled, in-demand independents into your ecosystem to support agility and innovation.

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By 2024, 9.8% of all American jobs
will be in the healthcare industry.



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Managed Healthcare Company Streamlines Independent Contractor Migration for New Acquisitions

A managed healthcare company based in the Midwest was looking for a better way to streamline onboarding for independent workers. The healthcare company is involved in a large number of acquisitions, and they needed to get healthcare workers and doctors up and running quickly and without interruption as mergers complete.

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Leading, Publicly-Traded Healthcare Improvement Company Reenvisions Workforce Optimization

A leading publicly-traded healthcare improvement company was looking for a comprehensive solution to find, engage, and retain qualified independent professionals. Specifically, they were looking to cut costs by directly accessing the talent and reducing their reliance on third-party suppliers who had high markups for their contingent workforce.


Leading the Next Way of Working for Healthcare Companies

MBO knows what drives the independent workforce, and how best to engage them for the growth and success of your organization.

Acquiring and Retaining the Best Independent Healthcare Workers

When it comes to the most skilled, expert, and reliable independent professionals today, there is stiff competition by companies to attract and retain them. How can you position your organization as an attractive place for independent talent to work? How can you help them feel like part of the team? Learn how to provide opportunities to learn and build skills, create a positive work environment, value work, and shape reasonable processes and procedures?

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Workforce Optimization in Healthcare, for Today and Tomorrow

Healthcare organizations across the world are re-envisioning their labor forces to include a strategic mix of full-time, independent, and offshore talent. This modern way of working gives enterprises the agility they need to remain competitive. But in order to find and attract this valuable pool of talent, it is important for organizations to understand how and why independent professionals choose their clients.

Client of Choice

We were unable to staff projects internally. The need was urgent and critical to the success of the program. We needed highly competent consultants with a great mindset and willing to work towards program success. The MBO team was extremely fast in responding to our request and facilitating end-to-end, from hiring to the onboarding process. Starting from understanding our hiring needs well to identifying highly qualified candidates and arranging interviews with them and finally resulting in hiring suitable consultant and onboarding them, MBO was quite professional, committed and highly responsive to the program needs. MBO is a trustworthy and dependable partner.

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