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Giving you a winning edge

A full-service platform to manage your independent business.

MBO gives you the tools and dedicated support you need to onboard quickly and manage your financial transactions through one seamless process.

Our solution includes technology and expert support that make working with large enterprise clients a positive, hassle-free experience that delivers operational efficiency to your business.

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The MBO Marketplace is our proprietary technology to connect independent talent with our robust network of top enterprise clients. Create a profile, upload your skills, and be notified if a project matching your skills is available.

As you work with enterprises, you'll also be added to their networks to receive priority access to future projects.



Join up with fellow independents who have related skills to deliver enterprise-scale projects as a team. MBO Communities offer you the power of working for an established company, but without giving up your independence.



MBO Advantage is a premier service offered to leading independent professionals who want to maximize their revenue by focusing their time on project work for their clients.

With expert support and guidance, Advantage members can take advantage of MBO's curated partnerships with Fortune 500 clients, teaming opportunities with other independents, and more.

Explore the MBO platform and learn how you can build, manage and grow your independent business.



Get projects with top companies

By joining MBO's marketplace, skilled, experienced independent professionals can get projects with industry-leading companies including Cisco, Salesforce, Amazon, Deloitte, and PwC.


Get to work faster and easier

MBO gives you the support and tools you need to find projects with top companies and get to work quickly. Through our onboarding and engagement solutions, we help you navigate complex onboarding requirements and simplify financial transactions between you and your client.

MBO Advantage

Maximize your revenue

Gain the support you need to let your expertise shine by joining MBO Advantage. With help from the best, promote your business through MBO’s established relationships within your top sales prospects to land new clients and grow your business. 

Since joining MBO, I feel like an independent contracting evangelist because of the newfound opportunities and flexibility I've gained. I’m hoping to continue referring my fellow independents in order to pay it all forward.

- Wade F., Independent Professional


Research on the independent workforce

MBO conducts industry-leading research that fuels our development of the tools that serve your emerging needs.


Insights that power every aspect of our service

Close connections with enterprise clients and the top independent professionals they seek gives MBO a rich source of insight to drive ongoing innovation and advancement.


Advocacy to empower the independent workforce

Our relationships with policy makers and regulators put MBO on the frontlines of advancing how the independent workforce works.

Key Resources

Find your ideal bill rate


Deciding on how much to charge can be a challenge. With the MBO Bill Rate Calculator, you can quickly identify costs and determine a fair yet profitable bill rate for your services.

How to create a scope of work (SOW)


Learn the critical components that make up an independent professional's scope of work, and create your own with our SOW template.

Choose the best business structure for your small business


Independents have many business structure options, from sole proprietor to C-Corporation. Learn the differences between each and identify the one that will best serve your needs.


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