How to Market a Small Business

How to Define and Communicate Your Expertise

June 5, 2019

When first starting out as an independent professional, you may have taken a broad approach to creating your business plan, tried to cover a wide range of services, or revised the direction of your services a few times. However, a client that needs to outsource a project will look for the specialist that best fits…

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5 Ways to Refresh Your Brand as an Independent Consultant

April 26, 2019

Building a brand, standing out from your competition, and communicating a unique value proposition are all challenges of being an independent professional, but can be some of your biggest opportunities as well. As an independent, you have the freedom and ability to refresh your brand, expand your service offerings, and become known as an expert…

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How to Build a Personal Brand

January 10, 2019

Building a personal brand is one of the major keys to business success. Follow these 9 steps to create your personal brand and build public visibility.

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How to Develop a Website Strategy to Meet Your Goals

December 19, 2018

Five website strategy tips to gain real results from your personal site.

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Do’s and Dont’s: Networking and Marketing Your Consultancy on Social Media

July 18, 2018

For independent professionals, social media is an incredibly valuable tool for both networking and marketing. As with any business tool, its success relies on knowing how to use it. Below are some do’s and don’ts we suggest following to help you realize the potential that social media can offer to you and your business. DO: Be Careful…

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LinkedIn for Consultants: Optimizing Your Profile

June 14, 2018

LinkedIn is an effective social networking platform to display expertise, build connections, and promote your services. Your profile sets the stage for your first contact with potential new clients, displaying your work history, client recommendations, and skillset. Because the profile template is geared towards a more traditional employment background, it can be tricky to figure out…

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How to Promote Your Business on Social Media: 5 Tips that Work

June 13, 2018

From Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and LinkedIn, businesses have learned that social media marketing can produce big results. The good news for independent contractors is that social media doesn’t require the marketing budget of a large corporation. Use social media to effectively promote your business by following these five tips. 1. Establish Yourself as an…

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How to Write a Great “About Us” Page as a Self-Employed Professional

June 12, 2018

A professional website should be part of every company’s marketing plan—especially if you’re working as a self-employed professional. The Internet is usually the first place potential clients will look to find a solution to a problem or to verify your credentials. While it is a good idea to include a list of your services, your clients, and…

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How to Reach Your Target Audience as an Independent Consultant

June 8, 2018

After taking the step to define your target audience, it’s time to put that research to work. Reaching your target audience and properly communicating with them provides visibility into the services you offer, builds brand credibility, and begins to form valuable relationships. Here are four tips to help reach your target audience and leverage your key…

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How to Craft Your Personal Brand

June 7, 2018

When you think about iconic brands, big names such as Coca-Cola, Nike, or Disney may come to mind. In fact, you probably have some sort of emotional attachment or connotation with each of these names. As an independent professional, brand may not be the first thing you think of when contemplating how you do business,…

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