10 Ways to Use Gen AI to Streamline Your Small Business

By MBO Partners | April 29, 2024


Key Points

Gen AI can help independent contractors streamline daily business activities.

Already, more than 37% of independents report using Gen AI in their work.

Use Gen AI for client support, document generation, data entry, marketing design work, and more.

Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) offers many exciting ways to streamline your independent business. Gen AI has the potential to automate 60-70% of the average worker’s activities. Nearly three-quarters of independents report being familiar with Gen AI, and already 37% report using Gen AI in their work. If you’ve heard about Gen AI but aren’t sure where to start, check out these ten ways to use Gen AI in your business.

1. Automate Content Generation

There’s no way around it—generating content is time-consuming! When you run your own business, your time is incredibly valuable and it can be hard to set aside the hours needed to brainstorm blog ideas, write marketing emails, or draft a weekly newsletter. Gen AI can lend a hand here, generating content ideas—or content itself—for your website, social channels, newsletters, or marketing materials.

2. Use Chatbots for Client Support

AI-powered chatbots can be a helpful way to give your clients, or potential clients, information about your services. You could also set up a chatbot to answer frequently asked questions, set up a meeting with you, or assist with troubleshooting. This can be a useful first line of defense for fielding questions that come your way, saving you time and directing only the questions that require a human response back to you.

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3. Personalize Recommendations

Gen AI algorithms are well-positioned to analyze customer data and provide personalized recommendations. If you have a good handle on your target audience, you can use Gen AI to tailor your offerings to better meet client needs. For example, by analyzing client preference, purchase history, and behavior patterns, Gen AI can tell you what a particular audience may value or not value. This information can help you create a better experience for your clients and boost sales.

4. Automate Scheduling

Going back and forth on scheduling with a client can quickly take up more of your time than anticipated. By implementing AI-powered scheduling tools, clients can instead book an appointment without ever having to consult you directly. AI tools can sync with your calendar to manage availability, send you reminders, and even help with rescheduling or cancelations.

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5. Generate Documents

Another big part of your job as an independent is generating documents. Think contracts, invoices, reports, and proposals. These documents are all essential to your work but can take up valuable time to actually write and produce them. Gen AI can help by creating custom templates that you can then fill out quickly and easily. This will help ensure your documents stay consistent, and you can even use Gen AI to review the documents you create for spelling and grammar errors.

6. Simplify Data Entry

If your work involves any sort of data processing, AI-driven tools can help automate these processes. Gen AI can extract information from documents, invoices, or forms. This can help to streamline the data entry process, reduce errors, and improve the accuracy of the data you track.

7. Get Creative with Design

A strong brand is important as a small business owner. A brand is how the public will perceive and experience your company. It helps you reach new clients and keep them engaged. If design isn’t your forte, check out Gen AI tools for creative design and branding. These tools can help with logo generation, graphic design, or video editing. Take visual content to the next level by quickly generating content for your social channels, ads, website, or marketing campaigns.

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8. Offer Virtual Consultations

Offering a client a virtual consultation can be a fun and unique way to land a new contract. This strategy may lend itself better to certain businesses than others, but you can get creative in many ways! In a consultation, use Gen AI for multimedia support such as sharing a presentation, video, or interactive demo. This can help engage clients virtually and convey your services in an interesting way.

9. Explore New Product Design

Diversifying your offerings can be a helpful strategy to grow your business, prepare for uncertain times, or withstand a dry spell of client contracts. If you are curious about diversification but aren’t sure where to start, use Gen AI to give you ideas about how to expand your services. Gen AI can analyze market trends, consumer behavior, and competitors to suggest business opportunities. Or, consult Gen AI for product development ideas based on the preferences of a new target audience.

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10. Take Advantage of Language Translation

There are a wealth of potential clients across the world, and in the US, who might speak a different language. Expand your client base by using Gen AI for language translation. Offering your services to those who speak another language can broaden the reach of your business and lead the way to a more diverse client base.

By incorporating Gen AI into different parts of your business, you can streamline operations, improve efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and ultimately drive growth and success. Start by focusing on areas where there are easy tasks to automate. As you become more comfortable using Gen AI, expand into other parts of your business and get creative.

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