How to Grow a Small Business

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Five Client Retention Strategies

June 11, 2021

read 2 mins Growing and sustaining your business is about more than just maintaining a steady flow of work. Building strong relationships with clients and retaining the ones you work well with can lead to future work, helpful recommendations, and more time for you to work on projects you’re passionate about. It can take a lot of work…

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How to Choose the Best Legal Business Structure

June 3, 2021

read 5 mins Deciding how to structure your business is an important consideration, one that can carry tax and compliance implications. The best business structure for you will depend on many factors, including how you plan to take and maximize deductions, what type of businesses you work with, and if you intend to grow your business in the…

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Four Tips for Hiring Your First Employee

May 25, 2021

read 3 mins Independent professionals are often drawn to their career path because of the ability to work when and where they like, enjoy complete control over their work, and help their business reach its full potential. However, many independents who realize success will find that at a certain point taking their business to the next level will require more resources and…

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5 Upselling Tips for Consultants to Generate More Revenue

April 21, 2021

read 3 mins How to upsell your services as an independent professional.

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6 Ways to Jump-Start Small Business Growth

April 16, 2021

read 2 mins When you run an independent business, you have a seemingly endless list of responsibilities—from client meetings, marketing, and project management to tax filing and invoicing. Planning for the future is an important part of business management, but it’s a task that can often get pushed to the end of the list as an “I’ll just…

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Meet Andrea Robinson, Co Founder of Agile in Color

March 4, 2021

read 4 mins Learn more about Andrea Robinson in her meet the Members Page or request an introduction.

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5 Ways to Attract More Clients to Your Consulting Business

February 17, 2021

read 2 mins If you’ve been running your own business for years, you’ve already developed a strong reputation and a reliable list of clients—it can be easy to grow complacent. Understandably, you appreciate your current clients, you feel comfortable working with them, and you feel secure. But things can change in a minute; clients can go out of…

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7 Best Consulting Sales Tips

January 27, 2021

read 3 mins Your clients are an incredibly important part of your business, but it is important to remember that the client-consultant relationship is a two-way street. Before you begin work or sign a contract, it is essential to learn the needs and resources of your client, including what they need to properly engage you, the independent contractor.…

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6 Creative Ways to Get Client Testimonials that Build Your Brand

January 8, 2021

read 4 mins Client referrals and recommendations can be incredibly helpful when it comes to building business credibility and trust. Think back to the last time you made a big purchase. How did you choose a particular product or brand? While a good marketing strategy can help draw in potential clients, these prospects will likely look for customer reviews next. Testimonials are…

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How Introverts Can Succeed in Consulting

November 3, 2020

read 4 mins What personality traits come to mind when you think of a successful independent consultant? Outgoing? Social? Extroverted? While those who are naturally inclined to networking and interacting with others may be at an advantage when it comes to self-promotion or meeting new people, it that doesn’t mean that an introvert—or a shy extrovert—won’t be successful in…

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