5 Ways to Find New Clients Using Gen AI

By MBO Partners | April 16, 2024


Key Points

Gen AI can be a valuable tool when you’re looking to find new clients.

Personalize content to a targeted pool of client leads with the help of Gen AI algorithms.

Streamline networking efforts with insight into industry trends and customer behavior to get the right talking points.

Finding new clients is an important part of your job as a small business owner. Maintaining a pipeline of projects is how you keep your company running. Gen AI can be a valuable tool when you’re looking to expand your client base. Below, we explore five ways to find new clients using Gen AI.

1. Capitalize on Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics are an interesting way Gen AI can help you build a better networking strategy. By analyzing historical data to predict future outcomes, Gen AI algorithms can keep you in the loop on trends and behaviors, including the needs and preferences of potential clients. Predictive analytics can help you to anticipate market demands so you can better position your services to meet the needs of clients.

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2. Personalize Your Content

Generating content is a marketing strategy that many independents use to find clients. By publishing content such as blog posts on your professional website, you can establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Readers who want to learn more about what you do can then sign up to get more information via a newsletter or emails from your company—becoming client leads.

Gen AI can be a big help in this area by helping to personalize content and outreach efforts for your target audience. Gen AI algorithms can suggest content, or topics you may want to create content about, based on the interests of the clients you want. Sometimes, inspiration for where to start is all you need to create great pieces of content that will attract the clients you are looking for. Content can take many forms including email campaigns, social media posts, or advertising materials.

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3. Streamline Lead Generation

Another way Generative AI algorithms can assist with lead generation is by analyzing data to identify potential leads for you. Gen AI can look at criteria like demographics or behavior patterns to give you recommendations on target prospects who are most likely to convert into clients.

By knowing which potential leads have a higher likelihood of conversion, you can better direct your marketing efforts. Gen AI can also give suggestions of outreach campaigns that are personalized to your target audience along with the best way to deliver these campaigns—email, social media, messaging apps, etc. Personalizing messaging to a very targeted audience can help boost your chances of engagement and conversion.

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4. Make Networking Easier

Networking is a key part of growing any small business but doesn’t always come easily. Attending big networking events, handing out business cards, and pitching your services to strangers about your services can feel overwhelming. Gen AI tools can help take the stress out of networking by helping you identify and connect with the right people from the start.

For example, Gen AI can automate routine tasks like sending a connection request on a networking platform, scheduling a meeting with a new contact, or following up with someone you met. This helps you save valuable time and can prevent new contacts from falling through the cracks if you forget to follow up with them in a timely fashion.

Gen AI can also analyze industry trends, customer behavior, and competitor strategies to help give you talking points for when you do attend a networking event. Lastly, it can also help to give you insight as to how effective your networking efforts are by looking at response, conversion, and engagement rates with your networking contacts. This can help you to build a more effective networking strategy, perhaps homing in on what content is best to share with your network, or what type of messaging you should be focusing on in your outreach emails.

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5. Automate Client Outreach

Once you’ve put in the work to find potential clients, your next job is to turn them into actual clients. Gen AI can help you automate outreach efforts to this group of leads by initiating conversations, answering inquiries, and giving information about your services. Using an AI chatbot is an easy way to give leads quick answers to general questions at all hours of the day. This can help give you back valuable hours during your day without sacrificing personalized communication.

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