3 Proven Client Retention Strategies for Small Business

By MBO Partners | March 25, 2022


Key Points

When you operate your own business, it is important to use strategies that keep your clients coming back so you can have a consistent flow of work.

In order to secure additional projects from current clients, you'll need to create long-term value.

Consider these three strategies to keep your company on pace for future growth.

When you run your own company, you are the face of your business on a daily basis. That require finding ways to keep your clients coming back so you maintain a steady flow of work. Always be thinking ahead, so gaps in your work don’t turn into gaps in your income.

Getting work often comes down to the relationships you’ve built with existing clients. If you can position yourself as their go-to-choice in the future, you won’t have to put in as much time and effort to find new clients down the road. While providing expert advice and strategic direction can certainly help you land initial projects, you’ll need to create long-term value in order to secure additional projects from current clients. Follow these three tips keep your business on track for future growth.

1. Focus on customer experience

Just as client projects help your company flourish, remember that you are there to help client businesses succeed as well. The fact that you are your entire business makes it extremely important to develop a good working relationship with your clients. If you work with multiple clients at once, make each one feels as though they are your top priority.

When dealing with clients one-on-one, customer experience is key. If you’ve noticed that you aren’t able to keep clients coming back, you may need to re-prioritize the role of customer experience in your business.

The effort you put into each client should go beyond simply completing tasks and getting to a paycheck. In order to keep them believing that you are the person they need, put in a little something extra. For example, consider sending a weekly email with top news and tips to show clients that you are aware the latest industry happenings and are applying this knowledge to your work.

2. Develop appreciation

While establishing client boundaries is important, there are times when going above and beyond can help your business. Keep limits in place, but be on the lookout for moments when you can go the extra mile.

If you’ve been in the business for years, it can be easy to get stuck with old habits. Instead, consider each client situation individually and don’t be afraid to adjust your work processes. Some clients may really value hands-on access and want to be included in each stage of your process, whereas others may simply prefer a written, detailed weekly summary of what you’ve accomplished.

Remember, communication is key to establishing a trustworthy relationship; talk to your clients to get a feel for what they value most and then incorporate their preferences your workflow. A little bit of thoughtful listening can go far in building respect and appreciation.

3. Gain insight into future client needs

As you progress through your current projects, consider ways that you can continue to add value for your clients through future work. Striking up informal conversations throughout the lifecycle of a project is a great way to gain insight into additional needs clients may have.

When you come across a current problem or ongoing issue that a client is having, think through your service offerings to see if you can offer an actionable solution. Then, before approaching the client with your pitch, take some time to put together some different solution options that show why this additional investment would be of value.

In addition to continually selling your services, make sure clients are aware of any certifications you have, additional services you provide, or new techniques that you’ve developed. These are all great reasons to work with you again.

Lastly, consider the value of joining an online marketplace like MBO’s marketplace. More and more companies are turning to marketplaces as a place to source skilled independent talent for project-based work. Being part of their network will keep your skills front and center, and new work coming in.

When you operate your own business, you are the face of your company on a daily basis, which necessitates finding strategies to keep your clients coming back so you can have a consistent flow of work.

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