How to Manage a Small Business

5 Results an Executive Career Coach Can Help You Achieve

March 23, 2020

In today’s post, Melisa Liberman, host of upcoming MBO webinar “Using an Executive Coach to Accelerate Your Career Revenue”  and an executive coach specializing in tech leaders, offers actionable tips from her own experience as both a “coach” and a “coachee” to help independent professionals considering coaching for future career growth or career transition. There…

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How to Boost the ROI of Your Meetings with a Proven Follow-Up Strategy

March 19, 2020

As a self-employed professional, the right relationships can make or break your business. Not knowing where your next project or client is coming from can be a source of stress that takes the fun out of what you love to do. That’s why your relationships—the people you surround yourself with—are such an important part of building…

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How to Work with Clients Remotely

March 11, 2020

This week, MBO Partners will feature content focused on working remotely. As COVID-19 (coronavirus) spreads, many people are working from home as a precaution. Stay safe while keeping your business running smoothly. As an independent professional, you likely work remotely with the majority of your clients. The ability to work from where you want is…

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Virtual Meeting Tools for Independent Contractors

March 10, 2020

This week, MBO Partners will feature content focused on working remotely. As COVID-19 (coronavirus) spreads, many people are working from home as a precaution. Stay safe while keeping your business running smoothly. When you’re building your virtual office for an independent business, technology plays a key role in keeping your company operating smoothly. When you…

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Coronavirus and the Independent Workforce: Tips, Strategies & Tools for Successful Remote Work, Safety, and Preparedness

March 7, 2020

MBO Partners recognizes the growing concern about the possible spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). We’d like to take this time to address some additional risk mitigation activities that independent professionals can take to help prevent further spread of this and any virus, as well as to offer some proactive suggestions so that independents can remain as…

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How to Achieve Work-Life Balance When You’re Self-Employed

March 5, 2020

Achieving work-life balance is hard for anyone, but it can be particularly difficult for independent professionals. When you run your own business, you have to balance the demands of multiple clients while staying on top of all of your back-office tasks and planning for the future. Without a good balance between your work life and personal…

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What is the Difference Between Hourly and Fixed-Price Billing?

March 3, 2020

Deciding what to charge for your services can have a big impact on how you structure and build your business. You don’t want to charge too much, in order to remain competitive. But you don’t want to charge too little either and risk missing out on revenue or not being able to cover your operating…

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How to Develop Thought Leadership as an Independent Professional

February 11, 2020

To be seen as a trusted leader in your industry, it is important to cultivate thought leadership. Creating content and finding your own voice are good first steps. However, a big portion of thought leadership development is dedicated to having a presence—both physical and virtual—in the ongoing conversation within your area of expertise. Becoming a thought leader…

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Financial Management Terms You Need to Know for Your Small Business

February 7, 2020

Managing the financial side of your business can be intimidating at first, but understanding the basics of what’s going on when it comes to your income, profit, and expenses—even if you enlist outside help—is an important part of your job. Many independents feel that they can earn more money working on their own, but in…

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Small Business Management Strategies

January 24, 2020

As an independent professional, successfully managing a small business begins and ends with you. There are many aspects to managing your own company, from back-office tasks like handling finances, paying the right taxes, and writing contracts, to staying organized and delivering quality work. If there’s a particular aspect of management that you feel is lacking…

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