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10 Home Office Gifts for the Independent Professional

   |   MBO Partners   |   December 14, 2017


As an independent professional, your home office—or wherever your workplace may be—is your sanctuary. It should be a place that generates creativity, promotes health and well-being, and offers both comfort and efficiency.

This holiday season, we’ve compiled our top 10 home office gifts that are perfect for your wish list, or for a fellow independent professional. If you’re on the lookout for that perfect client gift—it’s not too late! Our client gift guide is here to help.

1. Organization

Think of the Passion Planner (from $25) as more of a life coach than your typical to-do list. Sure, you can use it to keep your days and tasks organized, but it will also help you with goal planning, prompt you with monthly reflections, and encourage you to work towards your passion with motivational quotes and challenges.

2. Humor

What’s not to love about a little inspirational humor? Stay motivated and get a laugh in each day with this clever mug ($15.99) or a set of these funny pencils (from $2).

3. Tidiness

A messy workplace can be distracting and keep you from being productive. Ensure everything in your office has its place with a recycled wood desk caddy (from $36) or a stylish tackle box ($38).

4. Comfort

When you spend the day doing what you love, the hours seem to fly by. Unfortunately, that’s not always good news for your body. Give your lower back support it needs with this lumbar cushion ($24.95) or, if you spend a lot of your time on your feet, ease foot pain with the Solemender foot roller ($39.99).

5. Health

Light therapy has been touted for mood and sleep improvement and is commonly used to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD)—that ho-hum feeling you get during the darker days of fall and winter. This portable HappyLight (from $32) goes wherever you do and can give you a much-needed energy boost during the winter months.

6. Convenience

If you’re an independent on the go, say goodbye to travel woes with this convenient, collapsible carry-on bag ($349) complete with a foldable laptop tray, cup holder, GPS, and USB charger. The battery is also easily removable. For the world traveler, keep all of your devices charged no matter where you are with this stand-alone charging station ($39.99).

7. Cleanliness

Devices are an essential part of daily life as an independent, but when’s the last time you cleaned your phone or tablet? Keep fingerprints and bacteria at bay with this carbon smartphone cleaner ($14.95). NASA actually uses the same cleaning technology in their space station!

8. Inspiration

Don’t let your next big idea get away from you when inspiration strikes. Draw, scribble, and brainstorm with this clever dry erase notebook ($44.99) or transfer paper notes to your smartphone with the touch of a button using the Bamboo Smartpad (from $129.95).

9. Flexibility

One of the many benefits of being self-employed is the ability to work where you want—a home office, co-working space, coffee shop, or sometimes, the couch. Make your office mobile with a portable laptop stand ($39.99) or an adjustable tablet stand ($39.95)

10. Relaxation

Your workspace should be a peaceful retreat that you look forward to spending time in each day. Create a relaxing environment with an aromatherapy diffuser ($79.99), or channel your inner kid and pop your way through 2018 with a bubble wrap calendar ($25).

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