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4 Ways Companies Can Attract Top Independent Professionals & Become a Client of Choice

June 16, 2021

read 2 mins Businesses are working to adapt to the changing realities and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the many new ways they are able to reach corporate goals is involves engaging and re-engaging top independent professional talent. MBO Partners’ Client of Choice research examines why and how independent professionals select the clients they choose…

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How to Calculate the ROI of Hiring Independent Consultants

June 15, 2021

read 2 mins Independent professional talent offer organizations skilled expertise and on-demand availability. They bring many benefits to the table including an effective way to reduce costs, drive product innovation, and expand a company’s pool of available skills. For many organizations, adding independent talent to their workforce has helped increase organizational agility, boost speed to market, and better…

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Use our Compliance Checklist to Minimize Contractor Risk

June 10, 2021

read 2 mins Engaging an independent contractor is different than hiring an employee because different laws apply to each category of worker. If your organization engages independent contractors, it is important to consider how your company will comply with relevant laws, policies, and regulations. For example, while companies have the ability to schedule employees and control how they…

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5 Benefits of Outsourcing Contractor Management

June 8, 2021

read 2 mins Outsourcing engagement and management tasks for your independent workforce can help your company stay compliant, save costs, and be more efficient.

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How to Retain Top Independent Talent

May 26, 2021

read 2 mins Finding skilled independent talent that meets the needs of your organization isn’t easy to do. Independent professionals bring flexibility, lower employment costs, and a cadre of talent, helping companies remain agile and competitive among peers. If your organization is engaging independent talent, you’re likely already aware of these benefits. But to keep top talent coming…

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Should I Hire a Consultant? 10 Myths

May 12, 2021

read 4 mins If your business decides to engage independent contractor talent, a lot of questions will likely arise—especially if this is new territory for your company. There are many common misconceptions about the independent workforce, a 38-million strong talent pool. One important distinction to note is that independent professionals don’t just make up the on-demand economy—Uber and Lyft drivers,…

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6 Ways to Build a Virtual Talent Pool

May 4, 2021

read 2 mins Independent contractors provide enterprises with unique access to specialized, industry-specific skills, and are a valuable alternative to investing in a full-time resource. Building a virtual talent pool is quickly becoming key to being a best-in-class organization. A virtual bench is a pool of independent contractor talent you’ve identified, vetted, and developed relationships with over time.…

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6 Ways to Build and Manage Your Talent Pool

April 13, 2021

read 2 mins Building a deep bench of talent is a key component of best-in-class organizations. Yet many companies today continue to rely on traditional methods without taking the current workforce landscape into account. Work arrangements have shifted to include both traditional and independent work, and so too should talent recruitment and engagement methods. Your next top-performing worker…

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3 Reasons to Use a Written Contract for Consultants

April 8, 2021

read 3 mins Why Should You Use a Written Contract When Engaging Independent Talent? If your business decides to engage the services of an independent contractor, it can be tempting to review the work you need done, come to an understanding, and get started as quickly as possible. However, oral agreements can be dangerous and lead to legal…

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The Impact of Women in the Independent Workforce

April 6, 2021

read 2 mins Historically, pursuing a career as an independent professional has been a big draw for women. In 2018, nearly 20 million—47%—of independent workers were women. Working independently provides the flexibility to work your own hours, pursue projects you’re passionate about, and freedom to learn new skills, all of which are big draws for women. But the…

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