Workforce Management

Three Ways Millennials are Leading a New Era of Independent Work

September 13, 2019

There are a number of factors that contribute to the growing independent workforce—the 41 million adult Americans who work as freelancers, consultants, contractors, solopreneurs and more. For many, independence offers the potential for greater work/life flexibility, the chance to pursue a passion, or the opportunity to leave the corporate world behind and build their own…

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Determining the Cost of Your Independent Contractor Engagement Program

September 11, 2019

Independent professionals help organizations realize a competitive advantage among their peers by providing access to specialized, in-demand talent, staffing flexibility, and better control over employment costs. In fact, in today’s project-driven economy, more businesses than ever before are turning to independent talent to fill workforce needs—nearly two-thirds (65%) of senior executives say their external workforce…

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5 Ways to Build a Strong Client-Contractor Relationship

September 5, 2019

Build positive, successful relationships with your independent workforce with these five tips.

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3 Ways to Attract, Retain and Re-Engage High-Quality Independent Talent

August 21, 2019

Why Businesses Rely on Independent Talent On-demand expertise, staffing flexibility, and better control over employment costs are just a few of the many benefits independent talent offer enterprises. Today, an increasing number of Americans are choosing to work independently for the many lifestyle and professional benefits it offers. At the same time, the war for…

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The Difference Between an Independent Contractor, Employee and Temp: When to Hire Each

August 16, 2019

When to consider engaging an independent contractor versus hiring a temporary or full-time employee.

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How to Turn Your Independent Workforce into a Competitive Advantage

August 8, 2019

Realize the competitive advantage of making independent talent part of your workforce strategy by creating a program to that brings top talent to your doorstep, compliantly.

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Four Tips to Secure Buy-In for Your Independent Contractor Program

August 7, 2019

Forward-thinking companies understand that incorporating independent professionals as part of their workforce is a strategy that can increase organizational agility and give them a leg up in today’s competitive market for top talent. Independent professionals provide a flexible way to secure high-level expertise on an as-needed basis. But in order to easily—and compliantly—find, engage, and…

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Independent Professionals: Who They Are and What You Should Know About Them

August 6, 2019

The independent workforce is comprised of 41 million people who work as contractors, consultants, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and more. This fast-growing population includes all age ranges, genders, skill sets, and income levels, and spans many different segments of our economy from app-based commodity service like on-demand drivers, to graphic designers, government consultants, and personal finance experts. However, we…

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4 Steps to Hiring the Right Independent Professional for Your Workforce Needs

July 30, 2019

You need to find a savvy, highly-skilled independent professional who respects a strict budget and has the specific expertise you’re looking for. Work needs to get done, and there’s no time to waste. So, where should you start looking, and how do you effectively screen and monitor the talent you find to protect your company’s…

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Five Independent Workforce Trends Impacting the Future of Work

July 25, 2019

Learn about the preferences and trends impacting today’s most in-demand independent professionals, and implications for your independent workforce strategy.

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