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As today's 41-million strong independent workforce continues to grow and evolve, recruitment and engagement methods must shift to align with worker needs. Independent contractors are a vital part of today's talent ecosystem, providing organizations with staffing flexibility, access to specialized skills, and better control over employment costs.

In this new world of work, both independent workers and businesses stand to benefit from policies and procedures that ensure effective sourcing, streamline engagement, and prioritize compliance. An effective independent workforce management program is key to achieving these goals.

Elevate from MBO Partners is a blueprint for today's cutting-edge independent workforce management programs.


Independent workforce management programs not only minimize misclassification risk, save costs, and attract expert independent talent, but they also position organizations as forward-thinking leaders among their peers and the independent consultant community at large. Through a series of proven best practices, learn how your organization can implement, structure, maintain, and track the effectiveness of your independent workforce program.


An adaptable, robust independent workforce management program that takes the needs of independents into account will be key to engaging and retaining this population, and to establishing your organization as a Client of Choice.

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