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Leverage the power of the platform purpose-built for enterprise engagement with independent professional talent. Embrace a flexible, blended workforce operating across full-time employees and external partners - with emphasis on ready-access to an on-demand workforce that can deliver now and in the future.

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Independent professional labor makes up 28% of top enterprise organizations’ labor base, with expected growth of 20% by 2023.

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Leverage MBO to engage, scale, and optimize your workforce. Establish a direct sourcing program for finding top talent, power a program management office to run your talent operations, or grow your use of onshore and offshore labor with our dedicated international team. Our tools, APIs, and industry experts work together to seamlessly connect into your existing enterprise ecosystem, enabling maximum return on your investment in a distributed workforce.

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Curate, cultivate, and engage known and proven independent talent, enabling cost-efficient, talent-friendly relationships that ensure ongoing business success.

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Source and group independent professionals by skill, location, and role, for an easy overview and quicker on-demand deployment.

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Curate groups of ready-to-deploy talent around key competencies to backfill vacancies, scale up for projects, or engage specialized experts for key initiatives.

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Program Management Office

Use our comprehensive PMO to design or enhance existing programs, build competencies and processes, and operate core functions.

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Companies large and small from every industry are achieving success using MBO's workforce management platform



Global Management and Information Technology Consulting Firm Streamlines Independent Contractor Engagement

A global management and information technology consulting firm needed assistance with proposal support and contract administration for their independent workforce. Their previous methods of independent contractor engagement and management were tedious and required various workarounds to engage independent contractors who were deemed non-compliant. Further, the consulting firm needed to revamp their internal compliance review process and streamline their overall engagement method.



Big 4 Consulting Firm Disintermediates the Traditional Staffing Supply Chain

A Big 4 consulting firm was looking for a way to enhance their VMS functionality, obtain better access to the types of independent talent they needed, and reinforce compliance. They decided to part ways with their current engagement supplier, who was unable to follow through on numerous initial promises. By choosing MBO as their partner, the firm was able to strengthen their compliance and engagement practices through a flexible direct sourcing program that prioritized cost savings by moving away from the traditional staffing supply chain.



Leading Cloud-Based Software Company Takes Workforce Optimization to the Next Level

An American cloud-based software company was looking to expand their independent contractor workforce. They needed a vendor who could provide an extensive and formal compliance and engagement program, and they had a vision for restructuring how they engage all workers who were not full-time employees. MBO was tasked with not just maintaining compliance but helping design the program and bring it to life.



Leading, Publicly-Traded Healthcare Improvement Company Reenvisions Workforce Optimization

A leading publicly-traded healthcare improvement company was looking for a comprehensive solution to find, engage, and retain qualified independent professionals. Specifically, they were looking to cut costs by directly accessing the talent and reducing their reliance on third-party suppliers who had high markups for their contingent workforce. The organization's existing supplier was not meeting their needs in a competitive talent market-they needed better workforce optimization, quick implementations, and new ways to find and access talent.


Workforce Optimization in the Era of the Agile Enterprise


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